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    Boat Transportation from Florida

    wow must've been a big RV.
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    Check out our new 2021 Parker 2320 "GrayLight" and Build Plans

    Sweet color. That's unique
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    For Sale 99 commercial parker 2320

    Wow incredible setup. Had no idea Parker made a commercial line. The fish hold makes sense.
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    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Saw the videos on youtube. What incredible work. Really like that hatch setup so you can get a elevated view without a tower. Very similar to the small center consoles in florida where they can stand on the console itself. Are you standing on the seat cushion or is there an area for you to stand on?
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    Parker 2120 SC vs Cabo Cuddycon. (Yes I know this is a Parker thread)

    There is seemingly a well priced 26ft Cabo CuddyCon in Bay Area...
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    Anderson Greenough 21

    he already won the lotto!
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    Livingston Runabout Fishing Mods

    Very nice! How did you mount the bait tank without drilling holes? Looks like it sits in a 'saddle' that incorporates the rod holders?
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    More upgrades on the "Reel Adventure II " (my awesome ride)

    Very nice; what is the make/model of your neighbors boat? Seems huge for those outboards
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    For Sale Calstar Roller Rods - good Kite rods

    What did you fish on these? 100? 130?