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    When did you decide to go custom?

    Be careful, as it’s a very slippery slope!!! I started going custom a couple years ago, and have no intent of going back... Started with a 20-25# bait rod Calstar 270-M wrapped by Left Coast Custom Rods in Portland. Simple, understated design that is beautiful. I had him follow that up...
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    Buy with confidence from Jake! I’m pretty new to this fishery, and have commissioned three rods from him so in the last 6 months or so. The level of communication and his craftsmanship are fantastic! He’s been awesome when helping me make some component decisions, and has listened to every...
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    Funny, I have an RUS 76HP that I feel the exact same way about... I didn't allow myself enough time for a custom at the time when I needed it. Works great, but booooooorrrrriiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg...
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    Wife said I can’t bring them to bed any more. Some people will never get it... Very happy with how these turned out Jake. They fit right in with the Terminator you made for me last season. Thanks again for your help, your attention to the build, and for helping me navigate the process!
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    Accurate BV2400

    I use my BV2-400 for 40# bait. A beast of a little reel...
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    In an effort to satisfy all, we can petition to refer to this as simply the “figuring out the way the stick is most comfortable bending” technique.
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    Daiwa PRTB76XHF as an 80lb. rod?

    I’ve got one of those and like it for 50/60. I’d find a heavier stick for 80/100, or rent one if you’re chartering infrequently...
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    Just turned 50 and my amazing wife got me a Tranx what rod to pair it with... San Diego sport boat fishing

    my wife likes me, but not that much... that said, I have a Tranx 500HG scheduled for delivery this Thursday. Cow Man is whipping up a UC Reaper for it to sit on. Should be pretty rad!
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    Need A Heavy for 10-Day Variety Trip on Intrepid October 2, 2021

    All good! I just spoke with a colleague that does the same thing between Corvallis and Scottsdale. I believe I’ll have a Viper at some point this summer, so I’ll just wait till then! And, we made it from Springfield the Point Loma in 14.5 hours in November. No slowing down! Set the cruise...
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    Need A Heavy for 10-Day Variety Trip on Intrepid October 2, 2021

    Man! I’d sure like to check out a viper before mine is built... I’m close to you, just up the McKenzie a few miles. I’ve already got a VISX-20 to put on it when it is done. And, I’mleaving on the Vagabond the day after you head out in October!
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    Want to buy BX-2 30.

    Good one! My wife is a teacher, and has been to several school board meetings. Her favorite response is when the Sup’t came back with “I value your opinion and appreciate your input.” I view your responses as direct, to the point, and uncensored. You may not have the most delicate tone In...
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    REAPER name use by UC is in the procecess of being Discontinued, Why?

    Girls; girls... No need to argue. You’re both pretty!
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    REAPER name use by UC is in the procecess of being Discontinued, Why?

    Dibs on one of them, Jake! Hope you had a great trip Man. Talk soon!
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    76 Viper out the door

    Diggin the Roman numerals. Nice work!
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    As a fella with a BV 400-2, I can’t see much use in anything smaller that needs a tractor gear... I’ll go as heavy as 40# leader on my 400-2, but not sure it would have much use at lighter drag settings. Not that it would be bad, but what’s the point?