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    Unseasonably slow bugging in Long Beach?

    Take me, I can probably help improve your results...

    Lone Pine Lake via Whitney Portal

    Very beautiful rainbow trout!

    Cleaning reels

    After a trip once you have given it a little bit of tlc make sure to back your drags off. Doing this will help prolong the life of them.

    Best 30 sized and under reels for Cow Tuna...period

    Mak 20 sea, nuff said.

    Okuma PCH 9ft Rods

    Mine is a 9 foot extra heavy 30-60 stick. It has a reel seat and I really like the action on it. It's a great jig stick.

    Okuma PCH 9ft Rods

    Yes I do. It's my yellowtail rod and I accidentally hooked into a 65 pound bluefin and it held up just fine.

    Max Drag Komodo Reel

    Ok,I understand. If you want to address this issue call them they have the best customer service in the industry.

    Max Drag Komodo Reel


    Okuma PCH 9ft Rods

    No better 9 foot stick for the price.
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    Metaloid 12II Problem

    Unfortunately I am not. I had to leave Okuma because of some personal family issues that were far more important than work. Try contacting [email protected] or [email protected] those guys are top notch. They will help you getting the problem resolved. Okuma has the best...
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    Max Drag Komodo Reel

    I haven't caught any really big fish on my komodo 463, but, I made short work of a 80 pound black sea bass on mine and the drags were smooth as silk. I had my drags set at 13 pounds. Never really tried to max out the drags though as I view the drag pressure like rpm's on your vehicle. You don't...
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    OKUMA SCT Musky Rod?

    The rod would pair up with the 450 nicely and definitely easy for transporting/storing. It's a musky rod though and it wasn't designed for saltwater fishing. I would look at the sct inshore rod or the pch rod, I think those are better options
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    Cedros "A" new jigging rod for BFT and YFT

    I agree with most everyone who commented on your post. You can't find a better stick for the price and it will be perfect for the applications that you want to use it for.
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    MAK 8 SEa spool line post

    Yup,looks normal to me.