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    Opening on Intrepid / 10 day Leaving November 29

    Sadly, I have just had to cancel my spot on the Intrepid 10 day leaving November 29, 2021. This fishing reports are currently showing the fishing is off the charts. If you want to go fishing on a top of the line boat just contact Steve at the Intrepid Sportfishing office. Regards
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    Excel Team Hoo Nov. 16 - 26 2 Spots Available

    Hey Guys, I noticed on the Excel Website that there are still spots open on the Team Hoo Trip in November. Max load on this trip is only 28 anglers which provides a ton of space at the rail. I have been on this trip each year for the past 10 years and the fishing has been great, particularly...
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    Whats up with the Excel?

    Hi, can you tell us how you accessed the "Transponder" on the Excel, is it a website that you go to. Thanks
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    Favor Needed

    Hi capjiimy, I have been trying to purchase a number of your wahoo bombs off the website for my Clipperton Trip on the Excel but being from Canada I am having a problem with the website, even thought I am sending them to a US Address. Love to use the bombs down at Clipperton, is there any way...
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    Wahoo survey

    For the popper throwers out there, I have found that it is best to start with the conventional wahoo bombs/jigs etc and then when things slow down a little and the wahoo have come up from chasing the jigs/bombs up to to the surface, that it is time to through the poppers, I have had some crazy...
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    Team Hoo 10-Day on The Excel Nov. 16-26!!!!

    Hi Tommy, I have fished this trip the last 6 years and it always a great trip, both the fishing and the company. Looking forward to sharing the rail with you, plus a drink or two. Regards CDN_eh Stephen
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    FIVE STAR???????????????????

    I ship my fish directly to Toronto, is Buffalo a better/cheaper way to ship??
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    Topic specific seminars this year

    Hi David, any plans to video the seminar and post it to YouTube etc. for those that cannot get to the show. Thanks CDNeh
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    Merritt "Bent Rods" 10-Day EXCEL Charter Journal

    Brad, thanks for the fast response, I am on the Team Hoo Trip right behind yours and thank you for the information, it may give me a leg up on the rest of the guys. Thanks Stephen
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    Merritt "Bent Rods" 10-Day EXCEL Charter Journal

    Can you tell us what you were using to catch the Grouper and Yellowtail, bait, iron etc. and what types of jigs. Thanks
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    Must have item

    Bring a good attitude and an extra pair of sunglasses.
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    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat This Caption - Contest Ends Feb 16th, 2011

    Finally - I'm Off the Hook It took more than a $1 hook to catch her. Aliens, I've been captured by Aliens!
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    Splicing Hollow to Fluoro

    This site has some informative videos including how to make wind-on leaders and top shots. Saltwater Rigging Tips, Techniques and How-To Video Archive
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    10-Day List for Intrepid 12/26

    Here a number of responses from various people on some nice and need to haves. two rolls of Flexx Wrap (guaranteed someone else will want to use it) two screwdrivers of the right size to get guide rollers loose light oil for rollers wrench, socket, screwdriver, whatever for taking your...
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    Need a picture

    There were some good pictures of Alios Rocks on this website along with other interesting fishing photos. Photo Gallery-Sportfishing and Natural History Boats Regards Stephen (CDN_eh)