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    50% off fishing license

    Wait. What? You guys pay by the rod ? Freaking Commiefornia !!!
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    FISH Alaska? It was 67F degrees there Dec. 26th

    Just joking guys . I have some nice memories visiting family in San Diego .
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    FISH Alaska? It was 67F degrees there Dec. 26th

    oh, no sir! I must apologize, I forgot about the blooming shoplifting industry!
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    FISH Alaska? It was 67F degrees there Dec. 26th

    You Cali boys would not like Alaska that much in the winter time , you actually have to work for a living :)
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    Tuna popping setup

    Absolutely, it bends very nice under load but also is very light with a great guide train ( not 2-3 oversized guides towards the tip like many rods have nowadays)
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    Tuna popping setup

    for school size bluefin up to 100 lbs you can’t get anything better than a Yamaga Blanks Canary 85/4. I love this rod so much I bought it again and again wherever I could find it. You really have to be educated plugging wise to appreciate this rod at its full potential . Guys who recommend...
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    Daiwa Saltiga 20Z - First Generation

    I had one , very nice piece of engineering. They felt very strong for their size
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    80 years ago today

    Are you sure ? I was under the impression you could ask to serve during the war. Not trying to doubt your statement , just know they had the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which consisted entirely from Japanese males from Hawaii and United States
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    80 years ago today

    If you never been to war or served in the military, you will never understand the concept of mass punishment. During hard times or extreme circumstances tough decisions are made that are not easy or fair but they have to be made . They could have choose to serve and get out of there very easy...
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    Colorado snapper on stickbaits

    Not a popper, a swimming stuu I ckbaut by FCLabo
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    Catching & Fishing For A Sea Serpent - I Didn't Know This Fish Existed - Freaked Me out!

    Cutlass, fished for them many times in S Korea and Japan . Okinawa has some monster cutlass reaching up to 5-6’ on occasion .
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    Offshore Fishing Seward

    Cracker jacks are very good also but kind on the $$$ side, especially the overnight charters
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    Offshore Fishing Seward

    If you are willing to drive 2 hours to Whittier I highly recommend Crazy ray’s ( this guy will put you on monster halibut and lingcod ). They fish probably the same area but ray has his boat in Whittier. There are other boats as well in seward but I would personally make the drive to fish with...
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    Didn't Know They Have Sockeye in New Zealand- 16.5# Caught in Freshwater

    I might be wrong but that does not look like a wild sockeye
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    Shogun 10day Oct 27 - Nov 6

    Pretty cool video. Thank you very much for posting sir. I was doing haywire knots at work and didn’t even realize it !