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    If you're having trouble changing titles to Sold or modifying titles let me know

    I cant change my title to sold sorry to bother you never had this problem before and ive sold a few rods and reels.
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    Daiwa Sealine 50w loaded up 50$pics on request

    Bump you have all seen a sealine
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    Daiwa Sealine 50w loaded up 50$pics on request

    Sold Sold Used but just serviced 50 wide daiwa sealine 250 yards 65 lb braid 250 yards 40 lb mono. A little boat rash but clean perfect working condition just tie 25 floro leader on and good to go. Great set up for friends or family members visiting. I used as backup for nephew will throw...
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    Offshore Great fishing!! 10/28

    Heck yeah conditions look epic finally some better quality fish close to home. Well done. My season is done due to work and surgery so living it up through your reports. :appl:
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    Offshore 1 and done 8/31

    Wow what a fun day. Going to get out Wednesday or thursday will post a report. Well done great pics bud. Aloha
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    Offshore Offshore action 8/31

    Nice quick and efficient day, well done. Not sure if I am going to have fun paddy hopping or go after some big boys this week. Both sound good as long as weather holds. Good job :appl:
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    Mission Belle 8/20

    Good effort. Thanks for report
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    Offshore Yellows 8/20

    Awesome way to make a move and find your own fish. Wish i would have headed to 101 yesterday I always find fish in that zone. Well done. Yeah it really is a shit show out there.
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    Islands Wednesday

    Shit show was an understatement. Guys left for offshore and said deadzone, so I guess best bet right now. Getem good aloha
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    Islands Wednesday

    Bft were boat shy and being chased hard so didnt put too much effort into those. Left the fleet at Ribbon kelp skr area and found some fish in shallow and on middle ground ridge. Caught yellowtail on slow troll nothing big all 12 pounders but glad to get out. Saw some tiny tuna boiling and a...
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    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    Awesome looking forward to getting out tomorrow, well done :appl:
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    Solo run 8/17

    Fun trip. Heading out tomorrow. I will post report. Good job aloha