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    Endeavor Surface iron WSB.

    WSB on a surface iron...that's epic in itself!
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    Dog on Deck 07.06.20

    Mad Max dog...perfect boat buddy!
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    Heading to Cat for 5 day trip

    I'm fortunate to live here on Catalina. Yes...the boats have been thick around here making it a bit tough to fish, but fish are being caught. Good chance Long Beach Carnage will be selling the squish outside Avalon harbor. You can pick them up on channel 11. Good luck!
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    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Nicely done...especially catching one like that on the frontside of the island. Rare sight.
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    Cut the hook off at the eye and push it back up thru the skin. I’ve done it before...not fun...but much less invasive that cutting it out.
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    Big halibut surprise

    Nice barn door!
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    Red Tide Longevity

    Never had luck fishing in clear water. Fish seem to prefer a little color...some...A LOT of color.
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    Buddy boating today

    Nice boat! I sure love my Steiger. Always fun to see fellow Steiger Craft owners on the west coast.
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    Best Time to SoCal

    I've done some research as to when is the best time to sell a boat, but the answers I have been finding are all over the map. Obviously the time of year will vary depending on which part of the country you are from, and boating seasons. Generally, when is the best time to sell a boat in Southern...
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    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    I live in Avalon, and had several local friends see this in person Tuesday. It’s legit. The picture is a bit deceiving...not as big as it looks. Didn’t hear how much it weighed. My buddies estimated around 215lbs.
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    Elite Chirp 7 Won’t Keep Memory

    I installed my Lowrance Elite Chirp 7 chart plotter/fishfinder about 2.5 years ago. It has worked fine ever since. Yesterday when I turned it on it acted like it was reset. Turned it off/on again with the same issue. All my info is gone, and just goes into demo/setup mode. Basically the constant...
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    What Is This Creature???

    Have seen hundreds of these floating around Catalina Island lately (not referring the the garibaldi). Body feels almost like a plastic water bottle. It's not a jelly fish. It actually has a fish-like mouth. Most seem to be around 7 or so inches long. Anybody know what the heck these things are?
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    Catalina, Friday, 4/6

    Fishing has been real tough out here lately. Hoping it turns around soon, but unlikely due to the lack of squid around.
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    Catalina Island 16,17,18

    That's what it's aaaaaalllll about! Nice job.
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    White Seabass Head Drop-off Locations with Freezers

    Can't help you with the WSB information you're looking for Charlie Cat, but I can tell you that you got a little something there on your bottom lip...LOL