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    5-16 Catalina

    Brudda!! Are you really using 9.43 gallons per hour @3500 RPM?? CRAP I wonder what mine does? LOL! How did the trim tabs work out? I did get a chance to talk to Joe. Now I just need to find the time!
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    For Sale Garmin GXM 53.

    Hey just wondering....what are the upgrades in the 54? I have the 53 as well.
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    For Sale Random Boat Parts

    Id like the bow roller!! Can you ship on my dime?
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    Tips locating Rockfish

    What do the Green Lines represent?.............. Never mind :)
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    Garmin ActiveCapt and Tablet for Deck and Tower

    I use the locking RAM mount for Galaxy Tab on the dashboard of my Rino. Love it!
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    For Sale Garmin Inreach Explorer+ Satellite Communicator

    Bump for a great reliable device! Use mine very often, excellent for peace of mind and also sending and receiving text messages when off shore, hiking whenever! Also really good Price! GLWS
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    43 Area, Clemente, Catalina 5-8 thru 5-10

    Suweeeeet report and great pics!!
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    SOLD Trim tab system complete

    DAMN!!! im actually looking at Trim Tabs now for mine and unfortunately I need a bit bigger UGH!! GLWS good deal!
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    Boat insurance for 50+ year old boats??

    I called Geico direct couple years ago. Mine is a 1973, not a problem, just renewed. Call them direct.