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    For Sale 2 never used Cousins Factory 95mags

    I’m just playin lol GLWS. Someone’s gonna score a sweet jig stick, just way outta my tax bracket.
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    Bad NGK spark plugs going around

    Have had similar problems with the NGK plugs for my motorcycle.
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    How long if a ride to coronados

    2? Those are rookie numbers!
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    The 976 tuna grande trip

    It’s definitely a new style for him but he’s been catching on really quickly. Real hard worker and he’s been a great addition these past couple weeks.
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    Flat Fall question

    If you think $16 is expensive, wait til you find out how much it costs to go bluefin fishing!
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    Bonita Sushi!

    If you leave filet mignon in a gunny sack all day, it’s gonna end up being gross too. Just gotta treat it like the trophy fish it is and it’ll taste like a trophy fish.
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    It's official... La Nina is here

    Oh hey, it’s our annual “La Niña!! The albies are coming!” thread. See you guys around this time next year.
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    Political BS who's sick of the political bs in pro sports these days

    If I wanted to watch a bunch of dudes play around with some balls, I’d be better off going to the gay section of pornhub
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    WiFi offshore/baja

    Figured it was a long shot... worst case scenario I can probably just get lectures recorded or work something out ahead of time with professors. Kinda hard to miss a week or two of school but we’ll make it work if wahoo and cabrilla are involved!
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    WiFi offshore/baja

    There’s some talk about a crew trip potentially happening this December for a week or two to go fish the ridge, mag bay, etc. but the only problem is that 2 of us go to UCSB and will need internet connection each night to login on Zoom calls. We have a sat phone and James bought this little...
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    Political BS Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    I’m sure Trump is pretty stoked to finesse a quick $50 from each of these weekend warriors for those kooky looking flags. I’ve got way too many fish to kill and money to make to waste my time with that buffoonery.
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    Nice work Rob! Glad everything worked out for you guys!! Another year in the books
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    Where the heck are the YFT?

    We got a couple yesterday and saw one school off in the distance as we were limiting out on dorado. They’re out there but not in the insane numbers we saw before.