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    Cabo or parker

    Enclose the transom, move the batteries, Armstrong bracket, F300, radar and windlass, you'll be good to go....still not a 22 Cortez but it'll do.
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    Lower Unit drain/fill plug flathead size

    Snap On Marine Drain Plug Screwdriver Part number SGD155B is what you want.
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    Westport Halibut Redux

    Very cool !! Watched the whole thing. Thanks
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    You can have halibut only one way

    Did that egg, flour ,egg, Panko thing last night with 1" plus sized chunks of cubes of lingcod. THE BOMB....Picky teenagers be damned !! They inhaled that stuff. Thanks
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    How high to tilt engine while trailering?

    I'd also ask, if you have a bracket, do you still use a transom saver, even if you have to fabricate one ? 30" bracket plus motor tilted up is pretty far back from the trailer.
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    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    Wow. Thats a big interior hatch for the wiring access. I cut a smaller one in but haven't put it back on as the worrier in me likes the total access for now. i'd like to know about the fabric and what you used to apply it for the interior. SB Cabo Day this season for sure....
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Very nice. Thanks. Printed for the files.
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    What happened to SC Surf Fishing?

    I'll try to do a BSP check here this weekend.
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    Bracket install.

    My OE Cabo bracket was port about a 1/4". Was fine.
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    Anchor winch

    4 years ago, I bought a Pro Fish 700 from WM on sale, I think 750ish. Just had the pulpit modified to install today. Besides tying off the rode at anchor, is there anything I can grease or do to prevent the inevitable. I'll have to search for Lewmar preventive maintenance thread. Something about...
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    Anchor winch

    How long did your Pro Fish last ?
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    gearcase pressure tester

    Good smoke tester will show leaks and slightly pressurize
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    Anchor Rode 225' 5/8 x 1/4

    200' 5/8 3 strand with 25' 1/4" galvanized chain. No longer needed, Installing a windlass on the Cabo, FINALLY. 100 bucks. Santa Barbara, Carp or Ventura.
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    Hooping 1/5

    10 pound club. Congratulations. Giant ones are a pain to tail. I cook those whole so the legs don't go to waste.