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    Cabo Boat Owners

    He made it.......
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    For Sale 86 Cabo Cuddycon 216

    What size Yamies were on the back. Was that a stock set up ? Why did you sell. Did you move the batteries and if so did you notice an immediate improvement.. Sorry to jack the tread.
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    For Sale 86 Cabo Cuddycon 216

    BF 225 weighs a lot. I repowered my 226. It came stock w Mercury 175. Stock weight 460 if I remember. Had an E Tec 250 long shaft and jack plate (42 lbs) Yamaha 300 weighs another 120, but still had to add an Armstrong bracket to keep her ass up. Which, by the way, due to corrosion and no anode...
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    For Sale FS: Old Fiberglass Pacifica MT 270 rod

    I have an MT 670C 30-50 line it says, and has a yellow fin?? on the rod. A co worker found it in the surf years ago. Do they all have a yellow on their rods ?
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    If your arch/top is like mine. 2 small holes/ one larger in middle, recessed below the tubes, kinda funky, i made my own. PM # for pics in my phone.
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    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Nice grade tuna....and Cabo 226 right ?
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    Gambling for a living

    I went to a casino once. Put a 20 in a slot machine. When it said I was up 10 bucks, I cashed out. Did that three times. Was up 30 bucks. My buddy says, no dumbass, your supposed to play till you hit the jackpot or lose. Screw that I said. Proceeded to have a great time watching him lose over...
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    Clamp on rod holders needed

    Check FishOn Sports I just got these. Recommended from a friend because four bolt retention instead of two. Mine were 1" though. Excellent product.
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    Big halibut surprise

    Thats awesome, you da man
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    Kayak Fishing South of Santa Barbara

    Swami is right. Kelp bed off Santa Claus is not looking good. Was there last weekend. Seems to be dying off. Still kelp off the lighthouse and Mesa Lane but thats a paddle from the harbor. If your not gonna go north to Tajigas. I'd fish the harbor for halibut shallow. From the bait dock to the...
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    WTB Livingston 14’ WTB

    Better jump on that SF Livingston.
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    Vintage National Geographic Boat Ads ?

    I'll add as I have time if you guys are interested. I'll add pics of boating and fishing as I find them.
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    Vintage National Geographic Boat Ads ?

    Interesting to see the progression of advertising. Looks like the main flurry was mostly Evinrude. Around 59-63? I'll keep looking. Oldest is 1929.