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    Offshore Finally!!! A pic to post

    @catmendo more pics of the boat, I have seen enough bluefin
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    Penn 40NLD2 braid capacity

    I have 500 yds of 80 lb j braid filled to the top for a short leader. You trying to get 1000yds on the reel?
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    Tern 2

    Good thing I held off on buying more. Interested to hear more, saw a picture with a big 2 on a reel but could not find anything searching icast tags
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    Offshore Constitution 1.5 (7/23-25)

    I was told that Constitution and Poseidon have the ability to process on board with chamber sealers, has anyone actually experienced this service?
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    UC Rods: Centaur, Viper, and Invictus

    I can appreciate your approach to this sale. Curious of the net results.
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    Offshore Cookie cutter 200's and great spring season.

    @gernsey can I go fishing with you! damn
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    How much spectra for 50yd topshot on TranX 500 and 40NLD2?

    I got 400 yds of solid j braid with plenty of room for a top shot and have another one with 500yds and shorter top shot.
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    PCH Inshore Heavy for Surface Irons?

    I use this rod with a Lexa 400 and and it is nice, stiff rod though.
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    TUNA WARS VI Dorado themed Rainshadow

    amazing, so many details
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    Waianae GRANDER.

    Stoked for him, chartered that boat a few times. Always had a good time on his boat
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    Saragosa 8000,14000,20000

    damn now you have an 8000 for sale
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    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Just got some of this to try. Did you use CP ?
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    Shimano trinidad 20a cash or trade

    What color is the spectra? are you willing to ship?
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    Electric Bikes? Do they suck?

    Rented one at skypark in lake arrowhead and it was a blast. Heavy mfers but make the hill climbs much easier. Not allowed on all trails depending on the type of e-bike. I think pedal assist are generally more accepted. Check pinkbike for used ones.