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  • do you what settings I should use on my Garmin echo 7s. I am new to rod fishing, just switched form spearfishing. took my boat out last weekend and could read depth and see structure but don't know how to mark fish. Did catch a 38" 23# Yellowtail trolling though. Any advice?
    Hey whats up a socal angler were you from? Got a few members helping me with the boat just wondering if i could ask a few questions. Thans
    All I need now is a lizard fish and wahoo to finish off the season. Maybe a limit of sub 5lb tuna and yellows to add to the tailgate pictures of bootlips and scaup. See you at the "W" soon know you can't wait! I'm polishing up my turd decoys now in hopes you'll join me.
    Tell Bubba I fished with Jigger Joe on the Jigger Joe and Alex on Sat. Yours truly actually C and R'd a striped marlin 125 lb.est.They were kind enough to let me yank it in. Can cross that one off the bucket list what a thrill!
    I was wondering if you would help me out. I am sent a request to BD to change the Florida Forum to account for the regions of florida, to hopefully invite more use of BD. If it is something you thing would be useful, please let me know. I will E-mail you the ticket I submitted, and just maybe we can get a change made. Thanks either way.
    YO Carl;
    you busy ?
    got a good sparky job in imperial beach coming up soon.
    gotta move some main panels,( 2 houses).major remodel...all around

    need to find a sparky for the job if your busy...?
    Dang! you got 7 Neg ratings ...yer a douche. I'm 16-0-0, that's a 100% Satisfaction Rating...YAAAAAA, YAAA, YAAA, YA YA
    gil marlin
    gil marlin
    Is that why he no longer logs in??? :D
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