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    RIP Tunabelly

    That's sad. Only met him a couple of times at the shows, but was a really nice guy.
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    SoCal deck hand work

    Absolutely! Another great piece of advice. Know your regs. Probably one of the most important things to know. I had a deckhand filet a halibut and he cut into 4 filets. Regs say that it has to be 2 filets attached by 2" of skin, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, passenger walked off the boat with it...
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    Rod pairing For Saltist 20P

    Me personally, I have an older silver Saltist 20 and I love it on my Calstar 800XL. I have it spooled with 65 pound spectra and fish a 20 pound topshot. Pretty rad little set up. I only use it as a bait stick on smaller model fish, up to 40 pounds. Whatever rod you pick, I'm sure you'll at least...
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    SoCal deck hand work

    Dude, you'll be broke. Coming from the Bay Area I would venture to guess that you make a decent amount of money. Working on boats is the total opposite. You can make some decent scratch and it's great being on the water, but if your'e trying to make a living, it's pretty tough. I was in the...
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    Knot Question -- What's this knot called, and what is its breaking strength (if known)

    A pic of the finished knot might help a little better than a description.
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    Cousins f530 anf f690j differences...

    I had both of these rods, but Calstar and this is a pretty spot on description. Ended up getting rid of the 690j because I felt they were a very similar rod. That and the fact that I had the 530t custom wrapped while the 690j was factory wrapped.
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    Savage 243

    My goodness, that's a pretty rifle. Good luck with the sale. I live me Savage .243, it shoots sub-MOA and will hopefully harvest it's first whitetail tomorrow or Monday.
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    224 Valkyrie????

    I don't, but everything I read about them when I was looking for a barrel for my AR sounds pretty awesome. I don't reload and I live in small town Wyoming, so I think finding ammo might prove challenging.
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    Beware Barnes Vortx ammo!

    That Core-Lokt stuff is fucking garbage!!! I bought a couple oxes a few years ago, 1 for each .30-06, and I can't remeber how many misfires I had. I thought it was the rifle, but it did the same thing in either. I don't reload, so I'm not going that way, but I got a box of the standard...
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    Recommendations for WY Antelope Unit 15

    Call the game and fish office in Sheridan and see of they have the list for landowners that let people hunt their land printed out yet. There are a lot more people than you would think that ;et people hunt their land.
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    Going to Nevada for work and shooting?

    Yeah, don't go back to California. Haha
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    One salmon fishing lure...

    I'll second the watermelon apex. When I worked in Half Moon Bay, we would kill them on that. This was a very long time ago, though, but I'm sure they still work.
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    The General Powerbait

    Why the fuck did I just look for it? She seems like she's right up Jason's alley.
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    Subaru Crosstrek Question

    I'm pretty sure I've put a 9' fly rod in ours. I can check sometime today and let you know. Going to look for some elk in a few minutes.
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    Bambi vs 300wm

    300WinMag is no joke. My buddy shot a cow elk at 300 yards 2 weeks ago and it blew most of the neck out. It was a great shot, that thing went right down.