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Nov 17, 2019 at 1:48 PM
May 14, 2008
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San Quintin BCN mex.
fishing guide/cptn.

Captain Juan SQ

ARLETT DEL MAR., from San Quintin BCN mex.

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Nov 17, 2019 at 1:48 PM
    1. airborne
      good morning captain juan, are you booked for this Saturday the 28th and 29th?
    2. brion
      Hello, Captain Juan. I would like to know if you have availability for fishing on October 5 & 6 in SQ? What are your rates? Also, there will be 4 anglers. Will this be ok?
    3. denis
      Lee Lou and I are in Vegas thinking of fishing with u. Take care denis
    4. denis
      U mentioned some caught on surface iron any on mine?
    5. tmora
      Thank you for a great (3) days of fishing Captain Juan, you truly know the waters of San Quintin and worked very hard to put use on fish everyday we couldn't of asked for a better trip lots of tuna lots of bottom fish making me some poke as we speak thanks again .
      CAPTAIN JUAN, i have been trying to contact you for your booking your parker for two days in june but i need to know how much it would cost. i don't know the exact dates yet until my son lets me know.

      please advise,

      DA RAT ( JAMES H )
      1. Captain Juan SQ
        Captain Juan SQ
        hola james,in june i'm in bola for a couple weeks,ive a few opening there if you'd like,i'm in sq in early july for the summer season,in bola i'm open june 8th-9-10-11-12,its 500 per day for up to 3 angelers,in bola we can fish tails and then go casting for cabrilla(leopard gruper)in sq its 500 per day for 3-4,jul-aug-sept.thanck you james,please let me now,cptnjuan.
        Apr 17, 2017
    7. mattCraig
      Hey Juan, I jest sent you an email which I got referred to me on BD. Looking to fish three days in late July/early August,... availability?
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      2. mattCraig
        Awesome thanks for the quick response and info, what is needed for booking? A deposit of some sort I'm guessing?
        Feb 3, 2017
      3. Captain Juan SQ
        Captain Juan SQ
        hey matt yust make youre reservations and come on down no deposit needed,thanck you.
        Feb 3, 2017
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      4. mattCraig
        Hey Juan Super excited to come fish with you...Can I book Fishing with you August 2,3,and 4th , 2017? Ill also shoot you an email as well.
        Feb 4, 2017
    8. CustomCasey
      Juan, Pepe here. Gary, Jeff and myself looking into fishing a weekend in Feb. 2017. What weekends are open?
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      2. Captain Juan SQ
        Captain Juan SQ
        hola pepe,give me an email pepe,just back from la bocana,let me look at the moon faset and will work from there.
        [email protected]
        Nov 13, 2016
    9. Crenner001
      Hi Juan. I am a friend of Travis hunter and he referred me to you. How have the yellow tail been lately. Possibly thinking of coming down to fish in a week or two? What are your rates?
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    San Quintin BCN mex.
    fishing guide/cptn.
    Captain Juan SQ.
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    Captain Juan San Quintin! For fishing info call 011-521-616-109-6877 or e-mail me at [email protected] from Ensenada, TJ, or Rosarito 045-616-109-6877