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    I need Transom/engine advice

    If it were me... fix the transom, drop the motor back in. So unless this is your dream boat, save your vette motor for something else. You will never come close on the return for the amount money time and effort for a bracket. Just my .02, to each their own.
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    Thresher Recipes

    I have had a few times with Italian dressing as a marinade, pretty damn tasty.
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    Converting East Coast livewell to West Coast bait tank

    Your idea is perfect. Make sure the up tube has the holes has the holes parallel to the side of the tank to create the current. Based on everything you said I think you should be just fine and it's exactly the route I would take.
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    For Sale 1972 skipjack 24 flybridge

    Whoa, super clean boat, lots of upgrades and a great price! someone is going to score with this. GLWS
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    You are invited to the next fish fry on 12-12-20

    You're a solid dude Nick! Good Karma coming your way with your fish frys.
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    Where could this leaking water come from? Spectrum Pro Avenger

    Just a thought, when you have it on the trailer, jack the bow really high. See if you have some standing water in a forward compartment that is draining back when the boat gets up on a plane. Also, another place for water intrusion a lot of people forget about is the bow eye, however that should...
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    New Boater Recommendations

    Dana Point for offshore / local Newport for family cruising / local LB for Catalina
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    Wash down question ?

    What type of pump? Possibly the pressure switch going bad.
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    Remember to run your blower...

    Read this today in the OC Register: PUBLIC SAFETY Huntington Harbour boat blast injures five By Josh Cain An explosion on a boat sailing in a Huntington Beach channel left five people with injuries Sunday. The recreational boat was sailing in the main channel of Huntington Harbour when the...
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    Car thieves in Huntington Beach

    People want this because politicians tell them that they can give them anything and people are to selfish and ignorant and believe them. "The rich aren't paying their fair share and if you elect me I can fix that." "If you elect me I can do XYZ." Gone are the days of having an opinion or...
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    Car thieves in Huntington Beach

    Huntington is getting bad... I am shocked at the downslide the past few years. I work on Heil and Gothard in an industrial area. For years we have always had people sleeping in cars when I get there in the morning, generally they leave before working hours and they keep their “spots” clean. Well...
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    For Sale Parker 2310 Loaded up for grabs!

    Oh boy... what are you upgrading to Doug?