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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    I read on I believe the Intrepid's facebook page that if someone shows up at the dock looking to board and are showing signs of illness they will be left behind. One reason why they are urging people to purchase trip insurance is so they can be covered if they are turned away. I see in the...
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    PL 68 rod

    4 to 1. The regular Avet 50 SDS is 3:1
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    PL 68 rod

    I personally use an UC Invictus paired with an Avet SDS 50 High Speed loaded with 130 hollow topped off with 100 yds of 130 mono. This is typically a night time application, no need for stealth. Go big so you can put the wood to hopefully a good fish. One of my most memorable long range moments...
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    Feel question

    The ex30 is a capable reel. But the HXW raptor has killed a few cows. With the 3 speed option it’s a great pea shooter reel.
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    02 Feb - 18 Feb Excel Ultra 16 Day

    Bob the bank has been funky this year. Thanksgiving trip produced a decent amount of cows but not much of the 80 to 130 grade. Trips after that saw some good fishing on that same 80 to 130 stuff. Seems like your trip the bank was just off.
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    The Boat Independence new engines?

    It’s true. Check the boats website for the latest on the install.
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    Super Deal - 2 spots on Intrepid 16 day trip Feb 16-Mar 3

    The demand is not as high for the super long trips. Especially with local bluefin option.
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    Is a Calstar GF 700xh strong enough for cows?

    Brad I agree 100 %. People that specifically fish long trips for cow tuna on a regular basis are well versed on rod blanks that are suitable for landing cows. There are exceptions where larger tuna were landed on tackle not specifically geared for cow fish. But as a rule using tried and true...
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    Cow jig reel?

    Brad crazy night bite at the bank hurricane 2016. I had two back to back cows on the Pl. they were around. Skipjack were thick. Trick was to hook a skippy on the wind then fish it. Buddy Gary got a 248 this way. Jackpot fish
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    Cow jig reel?

    I do feel that a 50 size reel has it’s place at the bank. I’ve killed a few cow fish on the PL and always felt that I was able to put the wood to a fish in the dark and end any possibility of a prolonged battle
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    Cow jig reel?

    If you are talking hurricane bank pl68 application I would go with the high speed avet 50 sds
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    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    I have a soft spot for the mak 16 sea. I sold my 16 visx just didn't feel right for me. I've killed a few big fish on the mak 16 including two cows. For fly lining during the day with mixed grade of fish around it is pretty much my go to reel.
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    Viking Fleet 3 day trips question...

    I used to do multi day cod trips on the Francis fleet. Last few years I’ve only seen multi day tuna trips listed The Viking does a variety of deep drop tile as well as multi day tuna trips. In the northeast I would only say the voyager comes close to offering what the Viking fleet offers in...