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    The Night Before Fishing

    Stayed at the vag in January. It was what it was. But I wound t spend 250 to stay anywhere around the landing. The airport’s has great places around it. That could be a nice option
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    Getting very annoying, I can post here but can't open this forum to read.

    Worst fu..king deal ever here. Who thought of this shit
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    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Just personal preference It was a nice reel, just not what I was looking for. If you are still undecided I would physically check out all your options if possible
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    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Love my Mak 16. Got three cows on it so far. It’s basically personal preference. I own a mak 16 AVET hxw raptor and an accurate 12. I use them all with confidence. I added a visx 12 but sold it shortly after purchase
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    INDEPENDENCE - Graftech Rods-Avet Reels-16 Day roll call

    Those graphtec cow rods are legit
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    INDEPENDENCE - Graftech Rods-Avet Reels-16 Day roll call

    Mak 16’s are true cow killers. Very up to the task
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    2021 L.R Schedules

    My 16 day in January is booked, there is usually a few openings.
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    GRAFTECH / AVET 16 DAY ON INDY 4/13/21

    We all loaded up prior to the test. The test was at 5 am. We were out to the bait receiver by 8. As soon as everyone was tested we wheeled our carts to the boat.
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    GRAFTECH / AVET 16 DAY ON INDY 4/13/21

    Testing is done at the office prior checking in. Results in 15 minutes. Service we used cost 125$. 5 people at a time. Immediately after your negative result you check in and proceed to boarding. After you check in with Judy there is no interaction with anyone not on the trip. Crew is also...
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    Gotta report a guy - - it is way good

    Mike is the man. I’ve used him since the beginning. One of his services includes storage. That is huge for me. Great guy and great service
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    Indy 16 day

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    Furthest you’ve fished/furthest the fleet will go

    Clipperton is my dream trip. If it ever comes up again I plan on going. The RP had a trip scheduled recently but it was canceled. So did the excel.
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    Royal Polaris Location

    Seamount is hurricane
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    Stomach contents

    Shared the bank with a commercial once or twice. He was there for the skipjack. Seen some loose longline gear there also. Pretty knarly.