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    For Sale 12' Hawkins

    Wasn’t the same one just for sale in SB?
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    Clean the carb, don't try to convert it to EFI. The small block and 280 is a solid combination, DP lower units can be had on ebay. Looks like a fun project, but pick your battles. I wouldn't refinish the deck until you replace the fuel tank.
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    SOLD Greenough/Radon 17-21

    What did you end up with?
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    WTB 20 ft wilson hull

    ^^ He never made a mold for a 22. His end game with the 22 was blocking the 26 mold.
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    For Sale 18ft RadonCraft new post

    Call Valley Propeller in VTA...asap.
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    Anderson Greenough 21

    Regarding the seats. I would spend the time and money to have fiberglass seat mounts made.
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    SOLD Greenough/Radon 17-21

    Ryan (RPTPL) would be a good person to talk to, he recently re-did his 17' Radon, and it came out beautiful. Pros and cons to every boat/hull/condition. Just stick to a budget. People wait years to find their perfect boat.
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    SOLD Greenough/Radon 17-21 These guys lower the price about every other day (starting ask was 48, now at 30 10 days later). In a few more weeks, it may be worth considering. Yank the old I/O and slap a big OB on the back. These 17x8's...
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    SOLD Greenough/Radon 17-21

    Fumes in the cabin may explain asking price
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    20' Radon needs new motor

    Honda 250. Based on the measurements your hull is out if the 19’ mold.
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    New boat electronics install

    Great boat! What happened to the Tug? Need for speed take control?