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    For Sale NEW IN BOX Shurflo smartsensor water pump

    New in the box Great wash down water pump. Shurflo smat sensor Extream Series 5.7 12VDC 12 amps 5.0 GPM $200
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    Tackle boxes with rod holders No good!!?

    The biggest problem I have encountered with these. Is when tackle areas are full they set them on the deck and that just happens to be right in front of the galley doorway. Not only do we have to walk around the box it plugs up the walkway for only one person can walk by. But more importantly...
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    HappyHours getting new enclosure

    You need to have a vent installed into your window. It will give you the air flow you need. This is my personal boat. But have installed many of these when using makrolon. Only have pic of outside right now. Will get pictures of inside tomorrow. Please excuse the umbrella on the back deck was...
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    For Sale NEW Removable Transom Mount Bait Pump

    This is a New pump never been used. 800gph removable transom mount pump. NOT the 350gph one you find on Amazon. Mounting bracket screws to transom Pump slides into bracket snaps in place And unsnap to remove. $100. I also have a used 1100 gph only used a couple times works great. Asking $125...
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    Bait tank water flow question

    Do you increase your water flow when your O2 goes down ?
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    Bait tank water flow question

    Thank you everyone for the responses. Replaced all the bait tank hoses and repositioned bait tank on deck so figured this was the time to work on pump if needed.
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    Bait tank water flow question

    My fill time is almost 9 minutes. There seems to be just enough flow to keep the water moving in a circle. And I normally only get 1 scoop of bait. And always come back with live ones. but that also depends on how good the bait was to start only had 1 bad day of bait last season out of about 8...
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    Bait tank water flow question

    How fast should your tank fill to have the right water flow for sardines. I have approx 45 gallon tank and we have had an 800gph pump on it and so far we have very little dead by end of trip. How ever it seem to be a little slow so wondering would 1100gph be a better fit. Thanks
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    WTB Etec cowling cover

    Call Sidney at +16192467880 he has lots of E- tec engins and parts.
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    Canvas offset snap studs?

    Yes ...... I have some in stock how ever there are 2 sizes for the window clips. Also before using the clip extenders spray canvas with a mist of water it stretches when wet. Then snap the snaps on let dry in place it will.make them easier to snap on next time. Give me a call there is also a...
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    SOLD Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Snaps

    How long are they ? Never mind i found that. I'll take them all if you can ship them to san diego.
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    For Sale Fishing reel covers!!!

    I need 1 for penn international 50 wide 1 for 30 makaria 1 for 16 makaria 3 for lexa 400 We can start with these I will need a few more after I figure out what others I have that done have covers. Let me know if have a cover for these and are all available. Thanks