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    Offshore DP 9/3- Great catching! and "That Guy in a New Boat"

    I've been wanting to try the HBR. Can you give us some details and your experience with them...
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    Offshore Bloody Tuna Bloody Decks ( video )

    That fishing etiquette video had me laughing hard. Always enjoy your videos.
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    Offshore Dorado avet = dorado

    Nice female, wonder where her husband was...
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    Wicky Tuna

    Fucking awesome!!! I hope one day I can catch one that large!
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    Offshore Thanks to the guys that call out numbers

    The person who called in the dorado bite on the SSK was a group of 3 guys on a 20' CC (unnamed). Second boat on the scene was a sport fisher "Vines and Lines." Our boat the Bubba Jean was third on the paddy. It was insane, hook ups right away, all five of us, instant kaos on the boat. These...
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    Going Wahoo fishing

    You won't be the only one...was supposed to go today but capt had boat trouble.
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    My Ride- Boston Whaler 25

    That's a lovely boat. I really like the black hull...nice job on the build.
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    Offshore Fortune 10/11, Magic Kelp, Wahoo, Limits in an hour (video)

    Dude sweet video!!! That was awesome! So cool to see underwater...
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    Offshore Limits YFT

    Nice dorado...!!!
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    Offshore Limits YFT

    Your trolling right...because I know you're not serious. We released plenty of yellows, and if a crew member wants one for sashimi who the fuck are we to tell them no.
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    Offshore Limits YFT

    We're being sneaky because we want people to stay home and think its over, while we selfishly hide the fish to our selfs.
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    Offshore Limits YFT

    Luck was on our side. I'm pretty sure Qin our noobie who had never been tuna fishing spotted us our sweet golden ticket. Then he proceeded to get a crash course in WFO tuna fishing. With things like "turn the handle!!" "Don't stop!!" "Keep pressure!!!" Being yelled at him. He lost a few but...
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    The San Diego 10/9

    "Hang around a bit"... These yellows have been there all year long, and arnt going any where. The San Diego was fishing the yellows hard early '14 (jan-July) until the tuna showed up in July where the SD went offshore. Yellows still at the islands, we have just been in tuna frenzy mode for four...
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    Great report. Truly felt like I was on the trip. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.
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    Offshore Limits YFT

    Quadruple hook ups on the YFT!!! "Are we limited?" "Yep, that's limits..." "'s over already :(" So spoiled this season.