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    Live Report Albacore Hot Bite!

    Congrats! I hate you and I'm happy for you at the same time! Tell those fish to come down to the central coast! LOL
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    A second party boat? Or a private boat?
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    Inshore Salmon caught

    Nice salmon. But as a fishing report, it's pretty lacking in details. :)
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    King's Depth

    Cool. Always good to have a plan. We tend to take note of what we're seeing on the finder on our way out and when we get to the area. Plus whatever information we may have received from either someone already out there or from the day before. Sometimes we start shallow, other times we start...
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    King's Depth

    Here is some underwater salmon footage I've gotten in years past. The second link was off of Cannery Row in Monterey. You can see the salmon just cruising with spacing between each other.
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    King's Depth

    Interesting question that has no right answer. The salmon will be where they want to be based on conditions and bait. We've caught them from the surface all the way down to 300+ feet. From water only 40 feet to can't read the bottom. Find the zone they're in and work it.
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    Inshore Salmon 2021

    Awesome fish! How much did that slug weigh?
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    Help identify this fish?

    That's a brown rockfish, aka bolinas. We catch them from time to time out of Avila. They're good eating. Best eating is the gophers, if they're big enough and they don't drag your lure into the rocks. Blues are just pests really, meat is mushier. Bigger ones are ok though. We always throw the...
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    They're baacckkk.

    We used to take our golden retriever fishing with us all the time on our boat at Lake Mead back in the 90's. He loved being out there with us and he was a swimming machine. He even learned how to get back onto the boat via the swim step without any help from us. And he would even snag a live...
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    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    The 100 fathom max limit is only for the SoCal management area. Other areas to the north have much shallower max depth restrictions: - Mendocino Management Area is 30 fathoms - San Francisco Management Area is 50 fathoms
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    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    I don't miss fishing that deep for rockfish at all. But, I'm not in socal either. Fishing out of PSL catch all the rockfish we want at 150 feet or less.
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    Wire Line Halibut

    Barkoff, We use 90 lb wire on a fully roller guided rod to fish for salmon. It's called the Monterey meatline method. We drag a 4 lb ball (max weight when it's attached to the line) and every 18 feet up the wire we have a crimp stop that we can attach a leader to. For salmon we can run two...
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    Best 23-25 ft boat for Northen CA offshore fishing Parker/Farallon/North River

    As has already happened, there are going to be lots of opinions and different boats to look at. My dad upgraded from a Striper 2150 to a Parker 2320 about 5 years ago and we've been nothing but happy with it. Lots of people say that Parkers slam, but... if you trim it right and set your speed...
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    BFT return to Monterrey

    Why are there no pictures on their instagram or website? Why is there nothing in their fish counts about it? I see in their link here that they were working to add a third boat to the fleet... being the Pacifica. I want to believe this, but seems like they...
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    BFT return to Monterrey

    I looked at their instagram and I don't see anything there...? I looked at their website and there was nothing on their fish counts. I don't even know of a boat in the Monterey area by the name of Pacifica. I thought that was a San Diego boat... This whole thing sounds fishy.