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    Steal of a deal
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    Cali Flyer Kit [email protected] LIKE WOW!

    ever fish one of those picky days where the bluefin wont commit to the dead flyers? Every explosion without committing destroys that flyer and there goes another $30-40. I think these are worth it. But if you ask me if I would rather send this out over a dead flyer? Hands down a dead flyer still.
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    How long until the Fluorocarbon will deteriorate?

    vacuum seal it in bags and keep it in a cool dark area. Good for years
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    Bluefin Stocks in Baja

    supposedly the mexican fleet quota out in 2 days if that answers your question on the volume.
  5. CNC Iron jig love

    CNC Iron jig love

    Lot 1. 4 DFP Model II $108 shipped. Lot 2: 1 MW cnc viper and one sidewinder. Non cnc 2 x JRI 35 and 1 JRI 1- $84 shipped
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    Yoyo jigs for sale

    Nice starter. I wouldn’t say these are “bad”. Have you ever observed how a jig swims “fast”/yoyo? They all just wobble fast anyways
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    What CnC irons do you use

    True also when you lose that "special " jig......ouch. but when you lose a cnc jigs you can rest assured pick up the same swimming jig. Less of a heart break.
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    What CnC irons do you use

    The MW viper and sidewinder are hot new cnc jigs coming out.
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    Anyone on Old Glory tonight? 1.5 day bluefin/yellows 3/5

    Bummer at least you guys scouted it hard. Def valuable info for us all
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    Bight Sportfishing may have a new vessel

    Into the depths' 34' yellowfin is $3750. Hopefully some good market competition brings these prices down. Especially bights $5500
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    Cnc MW iron jigs

    Cnc jigs. They all swim the same. 3 jigs. MW jigs. Viper, mini viper, and sidewinder $80 picked up $88 shipped In anaheim
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    Offshore Got a call from Redondo Sportfishing. The Pescador 3/5 1.5 day to bring the big stuff for bluefin

    Been seeing a lot of pics of the 30-60. No confirmed pics of these 150lb plus. Usually the bigger ones lag behind in showing up. Anyone have any confirmed reports or pics. I know we fisherman exaggerate size
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    What CnC irons do you use

    they are nice an consistent. But dam. when are we gonna have a good iron bite again? These Big bluefin have been dominating the scene these past few years.