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    Enseñada fishing

    Keep me posted, like u I used to go down there 5-10 times a year. Thinking about heading down. Miss the tacos
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    Phenix m1 inshore 9'

    Do you still have?
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    Vacuum vs Chamber

    Picked up a chamber one in Anchorage Alaska last year @ costco I think for 900.00 about half of what it costs & resturant supply store Don't know if u can buy online or not have not seen in Cali Works 10 x better than food saver.
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    a blast of fish

    Where u go?
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    Salmon...Off of Eureka.

    Open dates and price Thanks
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    Fish Tacos for Days!!!

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    Offshore They're baaaack

    Yea just came in on condor fri July 5 th saw them..:Dynamite:
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    Spinning reels for offshore

    Yea went to Coronado a few years back.. A kid and his dad (Zac played at USC football) had spinning rods all of us seasoned fisherman were getting skunked... Zac and his dad had spinning reels and about a 10 12 ft rod were out casting us by about a 1/3 to a 1/5 and killed them... Only I could...
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    Makaira 8' Jig Stick - Very Impressed

    How much they cost?
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    Big Game 90 now the Chief

    Sounds good woul like to sign up .. Who what when where???
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    Just text FISHING to 760-618-0003.

    Sounds good just signed up...