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    100j vs 540

    Agree with everything said above.
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    My wall, plus some favorites: A stamped Putter that I'm not sure is real, a Deckhand, Salas Ono, and a old 7x that is just a damn good lure. The paint comes off really easily but it has caught me a lot of fish.
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    Jig identification heelp

    Here's the painted side.
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    Jig identification heelp

    All Hook-Up Seniors Bottom two stamped reading from hook end, top three reading from line tie. The split rings and the the two circle mark's give them away everytime.
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    Jig identification heelp

    For sure a Hook-Up
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    Surface Iron Rod Question: 690j vs Teramar 90h vs Seeker Classic vs Proteus

    Out of those listed, I own and extensively used a 690. It is a great casting rod, and is best at 25 pound to light 30 pound line range. It has very little backbone and you will get worked by any bigger fish. If you are looking at learning to cast and how to fish a surface jig it's a great rod...
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    Fathom size question

    The 25N reel size is close to a 332, the spool width though is closer to a 322. The 30 spool width is real close to a 332. I use the 30 for my jig reels, I fish a long mono top shot and found that I dont like how far down in the spool I was on the 25N at the end of a cast. I use the Tiburon...
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    Monster from the deep...Yellowtail or Seal?

    The bottom.
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    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    Stupid captain on the Belle never puts anybody on the fish.....
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    Sabre 530 fish-a-like

    I have both a Sabre 530 and a Calstar 530 not much difference between the two. I would both as a heavy 25 to 30 pound rod despite the line ratings.
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    WTB Calstar 690J and 700XXH blanks

    All those blanks are available at mudhole in either black or tan. 690 in black 6480 in tan and a 670h in black. Additionally, I see those blanks fairly often at tackle stores that carry large amounts of calstars
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    Calstar T540 vs. T100

    I've never fished a cut version of either, but I have both in the full 10 foot. I fish the 540 with bigger jigs, like a 7x or candy bar, but it casts a 45 size lure just fine. The 540 is stiffer, and if I were to cut 9ne the 540 would be it. Cutting a 100j would seem like a great way to ruin...
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    What are some tips and tricks for catching yellowtail on the surface iron?

    Being consistently effective with a jig has little to do with tips and tricks as far as fishing is concerned. Time on the water is the key to this game. Knowing the difference between a gull dripping on red crab and another eyeing a fish. Or being able to read how the boats drifting and what...
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    Harnell glass question?

    I have a 552 that is a brown colored glass under black paint. If I remember correctly theres a how to on painting blanks on this site that shows a harnell with black paint missing from the blank in the pictures.