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    Dead BSB found by diver

    I saw one while diving at the bottom filleted in Palos Verdes.
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    Harley-Davidson Fishing trips?

    I can't go 5hrs but can go 3 😆
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    Offshore Huge bluefin out of Newport

    I was on the boat when the 364 was caught last week. Caught on frozen flyer on a balloon. 50 sized Avet. Loaner rod from the charter master. One, maybe two fish lost. Passengers were experienced and had the right gear.
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    First time overnight at Catalina...

    Just show up and get a mooring first thing. Then go fishing. Im going sat-sun this weekend. Two Harbors - Free Spool
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    Chasebaits Ultimate Squid

    Caught this and a bunch of rockfish. Tip it with squid.
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    Guy tries to run a train into the hospital ship in Port of LA

    Heard he used to captain the El Dorado and Fury
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    Orange County's Launch Ramp Status

    Davies and Sunset Aquatic were open as of yesterday. 3/28
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    Long Beach Bait Barge (Nacho)

    Nachos is open as of this morning
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    Does anyone actually know? Launch Ramps, etc.

    I work for the City and LB ramps are open. Just confirmed with the super.
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    Are Long Beach boat ramps open or closed due to virus?

    My friend that works at LB Marina says they are open.
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    Cleat install without through bolt

    Toggle bolts?
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    Moon phases, what do you guys think?

    Read "In the gray" by Mark Wisch. He talks about moon phases. A couple days before and after a new moon are good. Night time is bite time.
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    Kodiak 22 gallon bait tank

    1/2 scoop yes. Full scoop we'd get lots of rolled baits. They get crushed at the bottom. Got a 32 gal PE and it holds a scoop great.
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    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    Gonna pass for now.