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    Lost wire hair pointer

    Contact the San Diego chapter of NAVHDA. It could be one of their members.
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    first mearns quail

    Nice birds!
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    Advice for my guns stashed in the house

    Inquire with your eye doctor about cataract surgery. I had it done and now do not need glasses. Shooting is fun again.
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    Hate this kinda of shiat! 2 men arrested after 25 antelope illegally shot and left in Nebraska fiel

    Take a finger for each animal killed and finish with the toes then give them back their guns and permits. Should set a good example for others.
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    Blizzard Camping--Need Campground Recommendations

    If Mammouth works for you, consider the White Mountians in Eastern Arizina. Lots of options. Get an over the counter archery tag and have a ball.
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    Bird dog training costs

    Forget the dog as you don't have time to hunt. All the suggestions regarding training yourself are right on.
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    Eric, band tails are here but tough to find. Doves are in the fields around d Snowflake.
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    Eric, saw lots in Glendale when I was there last week. I have three morning doves in my feeder and 20 Band tails as I write this. I noticed in the revised Az regs, no white wings during the second 1/2. By the way I am in Pinetop at 7,200 feet in elev.
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    What Compound Bow should I purchase

    Snowed last night gone today. Met with a game warden today at a police fund raiser and he encouraged me with the same advise. He also stated that I am on the right track because using the bow allows for numerous over the counter tags that will permit you to hunt most everything Except Lion, Bear...
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    What Compound Bow should I purchase

    Thanks for all the "Great Advise" and comments. Last Monday went to both Cabellas and Bass Pro in the Phoenix area and tried a few bows at both their indoor ranges. Both stores wanted to sell me starter sets which did not interest me. While in Cabellas a customer looking for a Bull Elk call took...
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    What Compound Bow should I purchase

    Thank you all for the excellent advise. I will take my time.
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    What Compound Bow should I purchase

    I left San Diego and moved to the White Mountians in Arizona. Selling some guns to pay for the archery crossover. You bow guys might have some advice on which compound bow set up is the right item for squirrels to Elk . Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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    Is San Jacinto done?

    That is a very shocking write up, but I am not shocked. One of the many reasons why the wife and I moved to the White Mountains.
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    Finally pulled the trigger and left California

    I started this thread and have enjoyed all the comments. I am in Pinetop, 7400 feet elevation. There are no tuna but there are hundreds of miles of off road trails. The off road vehicle I am looking at costs more than my every day ride. Got a couple of inches of snow last Saturday. Lots of...