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    Panama City Fishing Suggestions

    Heading to Panama City tomorrow for a week. Anyone have good beach fishing tips/advice or offshore trip info? thanks, dave
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    Offshore Double A Vaccine "First Shot"

    Great write up Thanks for posting
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    Offshore 2021.05.07 offshore 226 and beyond, paddy YT

    That little bird pic is bad ass thanks for sharing
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    Inshore A visit from the Northwest

    Thanks for the update brother, I have at least 11 more years until I get to make that move. good on ya
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    Inshore A visit from the Northwest

    Forget the PM on that info. I think there are number of us here that are thinking the same thing.
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    Inshore A visit from the Northwest

    Beautiful pad and bronze back there.
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    Offshore Offshore yellowtail

    That’s cool about the tails. I didn’t know that, thanks guys
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    Inshore 4/28 lajolla 15 year anniversary

    “She wasn’t gonna do what I wanted anyways” hahaha my wife won’t do that either bud.
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    Inshore The San Diego got 100 Yellows and 2 Bluefin Buy a ticket and go find out. It’s that easy
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    Islands The Mirage outta Oxnard

    My pleasure brother and I wish you good weather and fishing on your trip. As some of the other guys have said, get there early and find a good bunk. I was on the port side and hear the bow. Highly discourage where I chose. Next time I will try on the starboard side. Pretty sure the crew...
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    Islands The Mirage outta Oxnard

    Just got back home from fishing an overnight we on The Mirage. Was hoping for WSB and maybe a halibut but that was not to be. Caught some good whitefish and some really good reds and rockfish. Nothing amazing but some good 3 to 6 pounders. This was my first trip out with them after having...
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    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Nope. If you are worried about it get a vaccine. If you are that worried about it, don’t go yourself. Tired of people telling me what to do.
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    Mirage outa Cisco's on 3/2 : fishing 3/3

    What up guys?!!!! Tom, thanks for the report and good on ya for hooking ur boy up. I am actually doing the same thing on The Mirage this weekend leaving Saturday and fishing Sunday, really hoping for the squid to float and the Cbass to come out and play. I saw that you guys fished up to 300...
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    Inshore Got me some spring fever after today!

    Good on ya buddy. I had the camper and the family set at Bolsa Chica yesterday. I have never seen sooo many damn cargo ships stacked up out there. If we get some warm weather and these ships remain it could get interesting fishing around the ships.