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    Kodiak bait tank lid

    I drilled a hole and tied braid to lid and outflow pipe for seatbelt. I am sure someone will see a lid slipping close behind soon.
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    pictures from bay bass to yellowtails

    Sanotail 2020 39lbs.
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    Swimbaits Heads

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    Swimbaits Heads

    $125. 50 1.5 and 50 2.0 oz. 8/0 black nickel hooks. Bought to many in bulk. Unopened bags. Paint them up and save some money. I did not pour these. Pick up only. South OC. 6” hammer for example size and my finished product.
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    100 swimbaits heads

    Update. 1.5 and 2.0 oz. not 3
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    100 swimbaits heads

    For sale 50 (2) ounce and 50 (3)ounce swimbaits heads. Black nickel hooks. 8/0 hooks. Bought too many of them on a bulk order. Looking to recoup what I paid for them if not I will just store them for later. no shipping pick up in South Orange County. Buy some paint and get crazy. 6” hammer...
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    2/6, 2/8 and 2/9 Long Beach to Newport

    Sounds like good times. YouTube Izors reef diving. Couple of vids, looks like old light poles for sure.
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    Dana Point Harbor Spotty Puzzle

    Island along the rocks. I catch them but if you are expecting NP MB type results your bar is too high. Try the corners. Or walk along the sidewalks and flip the docks.
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    What's the weirdest fish you've caught in SoCal?

    Working as a deck hand; 1/2 day, a drunk dude snagged a rock on his 6/0. Tried to tell him has was snagged but boat moving up and down he was convinced it was a fish. Eventually the captain and almost all customers cheered on fight which lasted a good hour. He was pinned to the rail. Never...
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    Dana Slow....again

    Pre-game warm up. Greeted by heavy fog which resulted in fishing the long jetty for safety sake. No bites, nothing, move down to the point area got a couple of small bass. Move south fish some of the hard bottom, couple small Sand Bass. Tried some inside water to see if we get a flat fish to...
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    2005 BW 305 Conquest Repower Question

    Plus one for Maurer. I only bought a 90. Got a couple quotes and they were around the lowest. Craig took the time to walk through all the stearing and prop options. Great service. No issues.
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    What is this lobster looking thing?

    Years ago I caught one and donated it to the DP marine center. Had a friend that volunteered there. It lasted about a week before it destroyed the tank and plumbing. It cracked the water delivery system and they had to release it. Ooops. Bad on them for keeping it. 🤪
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    Dana Slow Monday

    Took the kids out for a little shakedown run on the whaler to try out the new Minnkota Spot lock. Spot lock is awesome. Set up on Some hard bottom east to the Harbor in about 60 feet of water and picked away on a few bass. Ran up the line to the MPLA way but it was pretty dead. On the way back...