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    Series Two

    Thanks for the info!
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    SOLD BLUE pro gear 545

    Avid cult following....and a looker too!
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    WTB SS 6470 LB <*((((><

    I have an extra. Very good but not mint. $300. Should see in person I'm in San Diego.
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    Series Two

    Hi, does anyone know what changes were made in the Extreme reels when the series two were introduced? Thanks, Tom.
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    Getting through snotty seas

    Not a lot in a 25' boat. Bigger tabs maybe but those days the ocean is in charge.
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    Thru hull location

    Also check the outside bottom of the hull to avoid any strakes or chines that might be inline.
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    Large lot of big trolling feathers. Looking for pricing advice.

    I'd be interested in the Collector and the chrome jethead if it's made by Burns.
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    WTB Looking for a cheap boat shipper

    Be prepared to put the money saved towards insurance..
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    Fish never showed at 209/267 this summer?

    Same story on the 182-181 ridge area all year...
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    Political BS Trump Flags

    Save um for free admission to the soon, not too distant future all new Trump University..
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    First Boat Parker 1801?

    Sounds like you have good taste. Stretching out the boat length early as much as you can will probably result in keeping it for additional years thus saving additional bucks ....
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    WTB WTB - ParkIt 10K B2 or B3 Trailer Dolly. I'm in Los Angeles

    Power caster or power mover. Not cheap but really work well.
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    WTB WTB - ParkIt 10K B2 or B3 Trailer Dolly. I'm in Los Angeles

    I've had other brands that also work very well...