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    Not loving my trolling reels (PS, A10)

    Shimano tekota. Just my 2 cents. There’s better reels but the tekotas have proven well. Nice drag and they take a licking and keep on ticking.
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    Saltwater Kicker on 30+ft

    What Ducky said. I have a yamaha t25 on my 24 seahawk os. It is a little noisy at wot great for salmon trolling. It is carbureted and quite cold blooded but once warmed up shes good for the day. permanently tied to the main. An EZ steer wont cut it.
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    A little bit of good news regarding boat thefts

    Having grown up and working on a cattle ranch, I have a very useful and productive idea for these fellas, The neighbors ran a registered herd of black angus and also sold "DNA" (bull semen) to other breeders. Getting the semen out of the bull was the job of a very special steer that gave off...
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    boaters safety card replacement

    So, I lost my wallet and in it was my boaters safety card. Before I tear up the internet I thought I would ask the pros how I would go about getting a replacement. I do not remember or have record of the service I went through to get it. Any way, losing a wallet sucks. Thanks guys.
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    Shrimp info

    I am thinking about going to MA4 for some shrimping. I have never been shrimping up there before and am just looking for a little insight. like if i need to rig my pots differently for the current, general vicinity to go, is it a waste of time, and a little info on shrimping on the outside(big...
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    Browning 30-06 A-Bolt II with scope

    Pm replied to. And thanks Aggro. I considered that but all in all the rifle is built for an adult. My boy is still kinda compact. Arms aren’t very long yet. I just don’t fit him. I was also considering getting rid of a few handguns also and maybe an ar15 or two but with the way things are I...
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    Fuck inslee swag

    My wife refused to take me to Costco because I said the only way I’m wearing a mask is as a pair of underwear over my clothes. Nice gear btw😉
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    Browning 30-06 A-Bolt II with scope

    Im selling a Browning A-bolt 2 in 30-06 i got in trade a while back. It is in super nice shape. comes as pictured with a hard plastic case. Mainly moving this one to find a Remington Model 7 in 7mm-08 for my youngest, the 30-06 is a bit much for a first year hunter. It has a Sightron SII 3-9x...
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    They are best smoked with 31gr of H110 behind a 300gr HP projectile using a Ruger Alaskan "smoker"
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    Saltwater Westport salmon 7/9

    Same results here. 1 king and 11 ho's. 35mi. NW in 250 270 ft. lost 2 kings at the boat. White uv hootchies and whole herring.
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    3 shrimp pots for sale

    3 pots. they're in good shape. 75$ takes them home. The first pm takes it.
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    is your phone broke? give me a buzz

    is your phone broke? give me a buzz