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    Islands Topolobampo, Mexico in late December

    That is just south of where I live. California yellowtail, bonita, sierra mackeral, bass and grouper types in the winter and spring. No seatrout. Mutton snappers are a rarity.
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    First GT in Mexico caught by Lora

    It wasn't a dumbell popper
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    First GT in Mexico caught by Lora

    Fernando Almada got one (or its cousin, a Blue Trevely) 2 weeks ago with Snook Mafia on a Dumbell Popper that he posted in FB I believe. I suspect there are more types of fish in Vallarta than are commonly caught because they are not targeted. Reef species, swordfish, and other deep drop...
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    Got lucky!! Super Cow jigging

    A Maxel 09 is a very small single speed jugging reel. that doesn't hold a lot of 65# braid either. Basically what we use for Yellowtail in San Carlos. Have to admire a skilled angler and captain when they get this result, in a small hull too. WTG Pq and Snook Mafia!!!
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    Tunas on popp

    Pro video !
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    PV Report 11/19-11/23

    You're an ol stud :appl:. That super would have done me in for sure.
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    Boat share playa Del carmen

    He is great. You'll have fun.
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    PV Report for Nov 4-8

    Congrats on your big tuna. Very impressive!
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    Recommendations. Mainland MX options.

    Lora Vazquez at Fortuna Sportfishing would be another suggestion.
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    Acapulco Charters?

    Dangerous place for americans to go imo. PV, Cabo, Ixtapa are safer.
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    Apollo Puerto Vallarta March 2021

    I am fluent in Spanish and looked it up about 12 days ago in the Diario Official where all Mexico laws and regulations are published. Around 2004(?) several islands and reefs in Mexico were classified as protected biosheres to chase the Ecotourism industry and when this was done and...
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    trailering my boat down to punta mita

    I am gonna express another opinion about the fishing in Barra de Navidad. I kept my boat in Barra for 6 years, and consider it a waste of time compared to PV. I caught fish, but they don't stay there on structure and when they come in they quickly get wiped out by the large Panga long long...