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    FMM Permit Info

    Marine, At the website use "Estados Unidos" when they don't have a dropdown for United States. Works regularly for me. BullFrogVI
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    Offshore Just stop and fish.

    Thanks for your thoughts. After a few hours (Thursday 15th) trying to "sneak" up on the critters to get close enough to through some kind of artificial lure, I realized I should have gotten some bait and sunk it down to 120 ft. (alleged depth BFT travel which worked well last year for me)...
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    Offshore 6/30 fish everywhere I SUCK!

    "The only easy day was yesterday."
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    Offshore 11/22 Late report Hidden Bank

    Appreciate the informative report!
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    Offshore Anyone out on the 371 / 425 on 10/30?

    Opps, forgot about the ever present Mako. Think Paul Ward solved Wahoo did what I was trying to do Sunday. Did a lot of trolling 425, 302, down to 371 and quit...should have, could have, oh well Wahoo shouwed us how to do it! Sooo jealous:) but happy someone had the perservance to keep going...
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    Offshore Anyone out on the 371 / 425 on 10/30?

    Was stationed out in Hawaii for about 5 years where the 50 lb +Wahoo patrol 2-3 miles offshore. They have teeth that open close like a pair of shears & like to hit a skirt in the middle (which on my first read of your report sounded like a wahoo because of the massive damage to the cedar)...
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    Offshore Anyone out on the 371 / 425 on 10/30?

    Good tip, conditions look like they will hold till Sunday.
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    Offshore Anyone out on the 371 / 425 on 10/30?

    Great report. Limits YFT due to ur persistence. Sounds like you (tangled) with a wahoo - just guessing. From info U provided sharpened my cedar plug hooks xtra sharp. Going Sunday with sons & grandson.
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    Mark Eddo : Outboard Motor Repair (Verado Specialist), specializes in V6 outboards, DTS, OptiMax, Fuel Injection (619) 208-4021. Best "outboard Verado boat tech" I have ever had pleasure to do business with. This is the guy that keeps America's Customs Boats operating at top readiness level...
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    I got bumped off IFISH Again

    Right on!
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    Offshore This kid loves to fish

    The Happy and prideful expression on your son's great smile says it all! That's a lifetime bond your forging there Dad! HooYah!
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    What Color DTX Minnow 220 have been working the best

    My favorite DTX color (165) is the Sardine. (2 for 2). Haven't tried the 220.