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    What do I have here?

    lots of year ago I found a calculta reel and rod floating at the sand bass grounds. I sent the reel to Shimano and they replaced it. I think their policies and service departments have changed alot in the last 20 years though. The rod is a great one and will work real well though.
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    Another what the heck is this post

    Nautilus without its shell?
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    Need advise on starting a 6 pack charter boat in California, Los Angles area

    I can't speak for your harbor, but some of the harbors in our area do require a 'charter fee/permit" for any vessel that operates as a charter. It is some paperwork and about $1000. Maybe you could start by asking about charter permits in the individual harbors you are thinking about.
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    Neither Fish Finder Powering Up

    Also look for a hidden fuse, or missing fuse for that matter
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    Do I Need a Bait Tank in Monterey?

    Bait tanks are usefulbut you wont need a massive 8 scoop tank like the San Deigo Fleet. Live bait always works but like it was said before you gotta jig it yourself.
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    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    I have a 15 ft skiff and the sabiki rod is a life saver. Otherwise I would constantly be pulling hooks out of my sleeves and hands just from moving around my boat. Mine was $50 though I think so that helped.
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    Gardening for food and Security

    Looks like a solid Cocktail garden and then some. I wish I was closer I would grab some seeds and cuttings from ya.
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    Raymarine A60 finder/gps combo, complete

    Howdy yall. I just got a bigger unit on my skiff so I am selling this one. Fully functional and complete. Comes with GPS antenna, screen, transom mount ducer, power cable, fishfinder module, and the cables to connect all the unit. Works great. Shows me fish and shows me how to get home...
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    Crew position available aboard large San Diego based yachtfisher

    Damn that sounds like a dream, if only this came up 18 years ago.
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    Outboard height.???

    Silly question but, arent you a Valley guy? Are you test driving in salt or freshwater. I imagine the changes in density could play games with the math too.
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    Generic GPS works with most systems, Brand New. was a spare

    Great seller thanks, and really fast to post office too.
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    Homemade 20' designed off seaway

    such a cool boat, bravo to the guy or gal that built it.
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    Raymarine Transducer/ transom/ p66? or similar

    Thanks for reaching out to me. Can you give me a description or a photo of what the plug and its pins look like?