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    I failed!

    I missed once last season and once this season. I need to practice much more to feel comfortable at 50- 60 yards
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    Spoiled meat?

    Here it is... My brother was the one who ended up getting the deer. It was a pretty cool experience. I was a lower in the meadow and watching with the bino's as everything was taking place. It was like watching it on tv.
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    Who says D16 doesn't grow them big!

    holy crap! that is an awesome Buck. those are some dark antlers
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    A-22 /D-16 archery Deer checking in

    I be up at ML Friday night to Monday with my brother and other buddies.
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    First Turkey

    nice job!
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    laguna mtn lodge

    good info. thanks
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    Bloodydecks Deer count 2009?

    a-22- not recovered d-16- 3 x 3 (yeah!)
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    Bloodydecks Deer count 2009?

    i'm layed out on my back from back surgery and using the computer to order some good boots for next season... Can't wait!
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    This years buck

    nice buck
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    Anyone A-22 this next bunch of days?

    was out at Mt laguna Sunday the 29th and almost lost my toes from the cold . :hali_parkutuli: Its time to invest in some good boots- $30 buck walmart camo boots don't work well in the snow!
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    Buck Down!

    Thanks guys. Took long enough but was well worth it.
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    Buck Down!

    I shot it with a rifle
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    Buck Down!

    This is my first post but I've been watching this site for a while but never had anything to post...This was 2 weeks ago- sorry been busy My name is Rich and have been hunting since the age of 15 (now 30) and for the past 5 years really going for it. My dad originally got my brother and I into...