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    Da Reel Man hooked me up

    Da Reel Man is awesome. He met me and told me he would repair/lube up my reels. Expecting a week or two turn-around. Nope, 3 days. He did his best to replace the broken or damaged parts and gave me a list to try and find so that he would put them on. When I get the parts he will put...
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    Lake Wilson peacock bass

    Need a freshwater licesne and a Lake Wilson access pass (total 15 bucks at Walmart and other places - rules say you need to wear a life jacket even if fishing from the shore but most people do not). All the bass are mandatory catch and release so your plan is right and nobody I know would eat...
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    wtb outriggers

    Hope you found some. I gave up on my outriggers (cheaper kind) and got outrovers. Think horizontal planers. Work well, swims bait out farther than my 15ft outriggers. Cheap and act as a bird. Now the only fish I catch are on the rovers and my other poles/lures get lonely. Good luck
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    New Sled Halfway Home (Update)

    Joe, Cant wait to fish her. She is just as pretty as you said. Lets go catch us a Marlin. Mike
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    Marlin Dragging Lure

    Very nice photo, did u get him in the boat?
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    Noob question

    Lake Wilson is the only place I know to catch Peacock Bass /Tucanare on Oahu (but I am often wrong - Kauai has many resovoirs with them ). Check this website out Look up Stan Wright he is a moderator on the board and the most experienced guide that I have heard of on...
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    Anyone in small craft fishing tomorrow

    I like your new BIO !!! You are truly insane and I am jealous.
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    Anyone in small craft fishing tomorrow

    First mate chummed the water early and the first few beers were 1/2 in me and 1/2 on me so we called it early with no strikes. Hopefully not a trend beginning
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    Anyone in small craft fishing tomorrow

    Went out Friday and it was a little rough for my small 18 footer out of Haleiwa. Wondering if the small boats are staying home or going for it on Sunday 9 Aug maybe out of the west?
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    North Shore

    Awesome report and A+++ Dad of the Year for letting the little guy battle the big blue bitch. Got your 30lb ono in 150 -175 ft of water by Kiana Pt after turning your way after hearing you got the marlin (thanks for the call) and saying "good for Joe, thats awesome and following it with a - I...
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    July 16, 2009 Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hi.

    Great Pics guys, keep em coming. Mike
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    Went Lookin'

    Pat, Again sorry about your Mother-in-law. Glad you got out and got your mind off of it. Interested in going out any other time. Great fish story. I got your back next time. Mike