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    16' seaway

    I think that is a nice concept, but with a boat that small I would think You will need your buddy in-line or on the opposite side of you while running for proper weight distribution depending on the direction you are running into the swell. Because of that, it is highly likely your buddy may be...
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    What can/should I do

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    UC bent rods

    my CE1000 Wahoo does the same thing. Fun rod, but not enough backbone to be used as a heavy jigstick. Yellows and seabass leadhead rod only.
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    What’s your way of finding kelp paddies

    I normally look for stopped boats
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    Recondition or polish my Xtratufs

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    Best versatile/overall jigstick

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    Trailer Bunk Carpet

    Go to home depot and get the grey stuff. Don’t overthink it. Like others have said make sure you use stainless steel staples.
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    Hoop nets, tires/rims

    I will take the rims and nets. Can pick up tomorrow. Pm sent!
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    Offshore Cat, Clemente, Snail, Osborn 2nd 3rd 4th

    Nice job, but if that mako is 100lbs my weiner is 14" long
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    Seeker G660xxh or 2x4

    not in a hurry but still lookin
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    Regrip to deckhand... advice needed

    all those decoration wraps look nice but the bottom line is that tuna cord or paracord get old real fast if you actually catch fish on them with any amount of drag. My 2 cents: Heavy drag/rail use: Shrink over cord Under 40lb: shrink over cork tape. Your hands and cap rail will thank you.