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    Looking for a Tanner team

    I'd be down to prospect and share info! I keep the boat at Roche and I've got a winch. Always wondered about those things and have never caught one. I was thinking of modifying one of my ladner traps with the cone on top.
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    Lowrance 000-11657-001 Elite-5X CHIRP with 83/200+455/800 Transducer - NIB - $300

    Bought this earlier this year and won't end up using it - new in box, never installed. Paid $400. WAS Asking $300...NOW $275. I'm in North Seattle and can meet somewhere reasonable in Seattle or on the Eastside evenings or weekends. Sometimes I'm down south enumclaw/puyallup and sometimes up...
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    Ash from rust spots

    Jason, let us know how it works - I've got the same issue on my hardtop!
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    Marine Electrician Recs Seattle?

    Hey all, Picked up a new (to me) boat with a more dated/elaborate electrical system than I am used to dealing with - would like to have a marine electrician give it a once over, look for trouble spots, and advise on problems or improvements. Any recommendations in the Seattle area? Ideally...
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    Financing for Older Boats?

    Thought i should update in case anyone else finds this relevant. I ended up financing with Horizon Credit Union. At first the process seemed easy, 20K financed with a 29K valuation in the survey, 12yr term in the 4% range. Don't need that long of a term but low monthly payments give me more...
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    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    I'm headed up there this weekend and will lend my hand in the cleanup effort...I'm thinking of using some of the shrimp bait pellets - anyone that catches please report what you get em on!
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    Let's help Kevin and Cindy out with a little BD love

    Done, haven't met Kevin in person but he has been helpful nevertheless and is an asset to the community!
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    Financing for Older Boats?

    Thanks all for the advice! I think I'll go with Horizon - they seem nice and easy to work with. They give an interest rate break down to the 4's if the boat is newish OR if the loan amount is over 10K.
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    Financing for Older Boats?

    Hoping to tap the great wealth of local knowledge here on BD! Does anyone know of an agency, preferably local, that will finance older boats - preferably in a hurry? I've got good credit and the money in the bank but it will make me awful thin if I buy the whole rig with cash. Thanks in...
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    Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    A7 was weaker than usual, also more boats shrimping than I have ever seen. We focused on Lings so only did a couple 1 hr sets with two pots. Had enough for dinner but definitely not as good as I am used to. Per their usual and accustomed ancient tradition, Natives hammered the area right...
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    Sea Lions and Seals eat Salmon???

    who woulda thought?!?!
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    NOAA seeks comment on SJI no-go zone....Let's give it to them

    This is such BS. Comment submitted in opposition, and will pass on to family and friends.
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    Tell me about Waterfall Resort, Ketchikan, in June

    I have fished that area in a private boat in July alongside the waterfall boats 2 of the last 3 years. Scenery is awesome, fishing is great. We had no problem limiting on all species. Nothing like the feeling of a big king mouthing the bait while you are mooching! Hard to go back to our...
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    I spent an awesome couple of weeks there a 2 years ago with the now-wife. We spent the first half of the trip in Caye Caulker, very mellow little island with no cars. Kind of the opposite of all inclusive, but we stayed in a little hotel right on the beach called Seaside Cabanas with a...
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    a cod question.

    I've caught one small (12") pacific cod in A7 while trolling for blackmouth in 15+ years of fishing up there. Probably 100 FOW against the rocks. Not worth your time.