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    Phenomenal morning

    Nice quality fish Cody!
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    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    To ship to 90240 USPS says $10, may be a little more. Using priority mail
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    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    I’ll check shipping cost and get back to you. Brady
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    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    Sorry, no driving for me, But if you want to drive down here, I can meet you in mission bay at Dana Landing. Let me know, Brady
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    Awsome morning 9/5

    Wow Slayed them again! I ought to go out when I know your going! So I know I have the potential for a good day!! Excellent job again Cody!!
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    Wide open 8/28

    Your very consistent Cody! Nice Going again!!
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    Chase and I

    You the man Dave Nice Going!!!
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    8/19 Yellowfin Were Scarce

    Is this where the saying comes in, What a difference a day makes?
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    Good Time Tuna Fishing

    Thanks for the report!
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    8/16 Voyager overnight- fun action

    Wow, those are Nice Pics! Must be a really good camera! Very Nice day for you!
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    It’s not gay if your out of the bay!

    Funny shit right there! Nice day for you guys!