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    Thanksgiving weekend - which boat?

    The San Diego caught a 200 lb. BFT today 11/23
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    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    Great info Jason! That’s was the old “Arco“ at the sports arena.
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    Great day @ 213

    That’s a pretty good run in a skiff. Nice job!!
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    gas for boat

    Maybe “High Seas Fuel Dock” They sell premium Gas Don’t know if it has ethanol or not Just add “Sta-bil” to your gas problem solved!
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    My Octopus Teacher Documentary

    Great little video Lynndeva!
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    Huge bluefin out of Newport

    Looks like that angler was Prepared & loaded for Bear! He had to of been!
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    9/12 San Diego

    Great Report Thx! Fun day for you!
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    Wanting to go out 10/14

    The San Diego, out of Seaforth Sportfishing. They will get you bit!
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    Full speed yellowfin and dorado 9/4

    Fished that area on Tuesday, all the Dorado you could want & Rat YT. but no YF, Glad to hear they have moved up into that zone. Nice job Cody
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    Did the damn thing 9/3

    That’s a Beauty!! Nice Job!
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    8/30 Dodos and Dales

    Way to go! Great day, Great report!!
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    Coronado islands 7-27-20

    Maybe that Shark you saw in the area kept the Dogs away?
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    Swordfish consolation prizes..... 8/22

    Damm, those are some Big Reds Ali Nice Going!
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    Royal Polaris 2.5 8/19-22

    Great Trip! Good times for you and your Girlfriend! Memorable!