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    Pv 12/9&10 Trip of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!

    Scott, you are fine just talkin shit and adding to the story!
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    Pv 12/9&10 Trip of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey when did my first fish get smaller than your second:eyepoppin . Did you throw some sinkers down its mouth when my back was turned.:finger: It was indeed a trip of a lifetime and I can not add any more words to what Scott already said except one...EPIC!! Thanks again Scott for the...
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    Converting I/O to OB on Bracket

    Thanks for the response so far especially to Frank for the pictures. My mechanic has done several of these and is providing all the labor at no cost since his shop made the error which damaged the engine to begin with. I am going to help him as much as I can as I want to understand whats...
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    Converting I/O to OB on Bracket

    I need some advice. I have an older 23' boat which is solid, dry and rides real well. I had some engine problems (mechanic error) and basically blew the head gasket. My mechanic accepted responsibility and during the process of repairing it was discovered that the prior owner/mechanic...
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    Offshore Sloppy weather out of the Coral.

    To the 2 skippers who made the run, You and your crew have grapefruit sized [email protected]#$s and my respect. Glad you made it back safe. Can't wait till they go off!! What colors did they hit?
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    Hell-o everyone

    Welcome Stan, realtively new to the site myself but am glad to offer you any assistance I can!
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    Wanna Go Fishin?

    My buddy sent me this email. Those boy's in the south have too much time on ther hands!!!!! THOSE CRAZY OKIES!!!!!!!! I don't know if you are familiar with "noodling", but it is the term for the way Oklahoma guys catch their fish. These guys wade out into the river and feel for...
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    Catalina 4/26

    I was with Jorel on Saturday and it was very rough ride. His new boat is awsome and was put to the test. I would never have made it over in mine. It is amazing the difference that a couple of feet in length and beam make. Thanks Jorel for opportuninty to spend a beatuiful day on the...