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    For Sale 2008 Parker 1801

    Sorry... they did not tell me that. thank you
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    For Sale 2008 Parker 1801
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    Storing an 1801 in SD

    It’s hard for me to justify paying more to store the boat than to own it! I am learning pretty quickly that storage is not cheap but I guess that’s just the way it is! Thanks
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    Storing an 1801 in SD

    Will do! Thanks for the help
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    Storing an 1801 in SD

    Unfortunately the KOA is also full. I placed an inquiry with camp land. The club is a little gnarly with the membership fees and then quarterly assessment fees. Thanks guys hopefully I get some better luck so I don’t have to sell the boat...
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    Storing an 1801 in SD

    Awesome thank you! Do any of these have power to the site to charge the boat?
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    Storing an 1801 in SD

    Good morning, Just moved to Carlsbad and plan on fishing out of SD or mission bay. I had space to store my boat at my old house but currently do not. A slip is out of my price range so I need some dry storage suggestions. I would like to have it close to mission or sd bay. I found a cool spot in...
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    18 foot center console

    I have a Parker 1801. I really like the boat but I have only fished inshore so far to get comfortable. The boat kicks butt and I’m going to start making the run to the Coronado’s soon
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    Rockfishing in socal.

    Papa J! Can I get those numbers?! 😂 Thanks in advance
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    Rockfishing in socal.

    He’s right! Threw this right at those pelicans right after the picture
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    Rockfishing in socal.

    From what I have seen it looks like Santa Barbara is your best bet on size. They seem to crush big reds and ling all the time. I think the boat “coral sea” or something along those lines does really well. I’ve also been on some good rock fishing trips out of San Diego fishing around the Coronado’s
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    Rod for tranx 400

    I have the Phenix Hybrid 809XH Deckhand Rod and it works great. Use it as a surface iron set-up
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    Is the tranx worth the extra money

    I can’t speak to the daiwa because I have never owned one but I have the 400 and 500 Tranx and love them
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    Mid-life crisis boat options?

    If you are in the 1801 market check the east coast. I bought one and had it shipped and got a lot nicer/newer version for less. is a great search engine that searches craigslist and the internet for you. Always willing to help if you have any questions on validating the boat or my...