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    bass pro kayak

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    Native Propel 13

    X2 Hobie !!
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    WTB hobie outback

    Check Big Waters they have one for sale right now...
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    Curado 300 EJ

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    Very well done
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    Tackle Talk - Weedless

    Hey John thanks for your insight..Wondering what type and size reels you are using on a 708 and 809 ... Thanks again..
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    Crazy homeless fishing

    Have also seen this fellow at the Bahia in mission bay........
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    Osprey tries to steal my swimbait(VIDEO)

    Was that Lake Murray ?
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    Point Loma 3.30.13

    Still waiting for my promo ABU Sweatshirt. Sent for it in Dec. of 2012. Called 2 weeks ago and was told they needed more time for shipment. :eyepoppin Really ?? Sorry, wasnt trying to highjack your thread...Way to go on you're session . Look forward to the video !!
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    wtb float tube

    New to tubing. any ideas on an entry level tube for a big guy new to the sport..... A really big guy..Like Mostly fishing the bays and marinas'' Thanks for any info..
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    fishing ghost shrimp

    nicely done..........
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    Banging in the Big Bay

    I was using a little surf set up of all things A Cabelas graphite house rod.( cheapy ).... Rated for 4 -10 lb test , 7'6" fast action. 8 lb. Mono, and was throwing a 3" ribbed curlytail grub in a ghost shrimp pattern.. :2gunsfiring_v1:
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    January Bassin' Recap *Lots of Pictures*

    Nice job in the Big Bay....Save some for the old