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    Slow pitch blank

    x2 on jigging world blanks
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    Phenix grips

    Check out Custom Rod Components website.
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    Need help dye ink?

    Wrap in white nylon without cp.
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    New Build, need help

    Rodgeeks C2 series blank. Quality blanks that won't break the bank.
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    Seeker BCSW 858-8 Rebuild

    Great job! And great choice of music!
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    CRB Blank, Worth It?

    I have built a few on the 7ft same model. They are a great all around inshore blank here in the north east.
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    Calstar 800 MH Urushi for Hieu

    Very nice work!
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    GF755XXH Purple Monster

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    Swordfish caster

    Super nice work!
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    couple more out da door

    Beautiful work Bill!
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    "Excel White" 1x3

    Looking Good!
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    Good Day Toggin