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    For Sale iPad Air

    Selling my 1st gen Ipad Air a1474/MD788LL/A 16GB silver. Works great, running latest IOS. Comes with protective case and charger and cable all in the original box. Original owner, only reason I'm selling it is I'm an android guy. Replaced it with Samsung tablet. Comes from an adults only...
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    Newell 332 + Bryan Young drags...

    Everybody says grease the drags, but I am never sure how much grease is too much.
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    Reel Clamps that fit big butt Uluas

    Good to know. Thanks!
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    Reel Clamps that fit big butt Uluas

    Any update on the reel clamp?
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    Californians,You can buy ammo online , no background check

    This might be ammo freedom week. So, I would not wait. Many places were already hit hard by CV-19.
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    Cannot buy ammo?

    ^ L.A. County sheriff got knocked back down to reality.
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    Jamie, What would you recommend of these new rods for like 40# bait (Penn Torque 15LD2). Oh, and this thread is useless without pictures. ;)
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    Black Friday heads up

    Definitely a YMMV situation. Not sure if it's special hard to come by reels or what? For me, I ordered a Penn Torque 15LD2 in silver during the sale. About a week ago, they called me to ask whether I wanted it spooled or not. I told them what I wanted. Reel arrived via USPS on Sunday (yes...
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    jig stick for lexa 400 hd

    I have mine on a 9' Proteus (I want to say heavy). Haven't actually fished it yet as I went out once this year (I know) and the BFT were no smaller than 90#.
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    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    How do you like the RUS 76 HP? How are you fishing it? I'm thinking of getting one.
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    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    You can't just tease us like that! Details and ETA. BTW, I only have two. :( But they are both awesome (a 76 Predator and a 76 Centaur). Looking to add another UC for a newly acquired Penn Torque 15LD2 (open to suggestions).
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    Black Friday heads up

    I know they took a beating a couple years ago, but prior to that they had been SOLID. Pelagic Outfitters is still a paid sponsor on here. They, along with all the other great paid sponsors have treated us well over the years. I personally appreciate all their efforts to make this otherwise...
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    Thanks Jamie.
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    Sorry, what are your store hours for this? TIA
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    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    Can't have 1A without 2A.