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    Long Beach Ed's Jigs...........finally got him to make a few!

    Big to small they get em all :) I never even got a chance to buy any but a buddy swears by them and stoked me out on a few. Hope I can get in on this round to restock my box and his!
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    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    I just returned from Rincon de Guayabitos, on the beach a couple hours north of Puerto Vallarta. Went there to chill cause I still can’t fish. They have a cool thing going on the beach serving fresh mariscos of various kinds. Carts with BBQ making fresh Serandiado shrimp and fish cooked to...
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    Fishing BOLA early June

    Hey Capitan Juan, as always you got the correct info :)
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    Not BAJA but does affect sports fishing .. do not support countries that allow shark finning

    Sammy, I agree that shark finning is pretty brutal and a waste of a valuable commodity. Shark harvesting is done in Baja. I have personally seen hundreds of kilos of fins hanging to dry in a fish camp. I stayed with the fisherman for quite a while. They told my that when possible they sell the...
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    Best fishing in March?

    Loreto can be very good for yellowtail in March. Great weather too!
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    Rincón de Guayabitos

    Gonna be there next week. Got a place on the water at the far south end of the beach. I’m recovering from surgery and not cleared to go on a boat yet :( so I don’t think that’s an option for me. I’m bringing spinning gear that I’ve caught a lot of 1-15 lb fish off the beach in other places along...
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    Gonzaga bay need some info on a captain please

    Partial redemption, lol. Juan will be there in March/April running charters in his Parker!
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    San Jose del Cabo Marina

    Kevin owner of the Cortez Cowboy is a super nice guy and boat is a yacht but $$$. If your looking for high end this is it IMO. He even had a custom built “fighting saddle” installed. Here is a link to FB page with contact info.
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    Gonzaga bay need some info on a captain please

    Hey Cosmo, while Ruben is a great guy and amazing fisherman, he is in Mag bay about 500 miles south and on the pacific side so would be a hell of a boat ride to get to Gonzaga :)
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    Gonzaga bay need some info on a captain please

    I know a guy down there and info on Alfonsinas. PM me and I’ll give you info if you like.
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    Cabo Giant 272lb Cow Tuna . Usual Suspects . Captain Jaime Gonzalez On the Porque No!!!

    Lovin your all of your posts. Keep it up. Glad you got It dialed in with Jaime. Looking forward to getting back down to fish.....