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    44.4 lb yellowtail

    Congrats on a dandy YT!
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    Shake down trip successful

    Looking good Steph!
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    UC Predator Bendo pics

    I have one paired with a 12 VISX set-up for 60#. It absolutely man handled the 70-90# BFT in July. I love it!
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    Wind on Leader clamp Jig

    I made my own. I bought 4 20" quick clamps at Harbor Freight. Grind off the stop on one end, Disassemble one end from another clamp, and reassemble on the first so you have opposing clamps on each end. One end clamps to my bench, the other holds my line. More recently I made a third from a 36"...
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    Hollow Core Braid Knots

    I use an RP knot. No problem when correctly tied and pulled TIGHT search You Tube for John Collins knot if you are not familiar. Much better than a uni to uni
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    fishing rod sleeves/socks

    Sav On in Santa Fe Springs has them also. Good quality.
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    Accurate 197 Tension Knob Issue

    Al is the man at Accurate.
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    Best Accurate for Calstar 90J?

    Be sure to order a Pitbull clamp for the DH grip.
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    One Dead, more Missing off San Clemente Island: 7/31/20

    They have located the vehicle and are setting up a recovery platform to recover the 7 remaining service members. It is in 385 ft of water.
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    Royal Polaris - EPIC 3 day trip July 30 - Aug. 2nd

    Great report! Frank mentioned the dutch double on LTH this weekend.
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    Newsome, fighting for the people.

    Typical response. Don't argue facts or philosophies, rather attack and attempt to demean the opposing view.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    What a fucking tool. I made no other comment than to state who the person was, and now you insinuate I'm some racist. At least I'm not ignorant.
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    Newsome, fighting for the people.

    silly boy, The major news networks don't report news anymore, they just feed everyone their narrative
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    neither, Colin Powell and both Ben and Colin are still alive.