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  1. Cleaning out the garage.

    Southern California Cleaning out the garage.

    Free stuff. You come pick up. Located in Chula Vista. Message me if you want something. Parker 2520 cabin door Sanipottie portable toilet Bait cages Mudd Sucker traps Stainless antenna mounts Braid Youth fighting belt
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    Cleaning out the garage.

    blownbudget submitted a new listing: Cleaning out the garage. - Cleaning out the garage. Learn more about this listing...
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    Offshore Marlin report

    Tons of BFT in the area. Just couldn’t get them to go.
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    Offshore Marlin report

    My sons first local marlin. Got it slow trolling a sardine around BFT foamer. Water was 69.5 and clean green.
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    2007 FLEETWOOD GEARBOX 375wfsg TOY HAULER - $27,500 Hard to find wide body. Rear ramp opening is 96” clear. Fits most long travel buggies without having to change out paddles. There is 21’-2” of cargo space with 18’-3” clear from rear door to the first cabinet. Tows great. I am the...
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    Pacific Boat Trailer 25 foot

    Free trailer. Needs TLC and a tire. I just took delivery of my new trailer so this one needs to go. Currently set up for a Parker 2520. Located in Chula Vista. Message me if you are interested.
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    Wanted: Inflatable RIB

    I am. Message me with what you have. Thanks!
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    Wanted: Inflatable RIB

    I’m looking for a 10-12 foot inflatable RIB in good condition. Not looking for a project boat. Must have a 4 stroke and a console. Message me if you have one for sale. Thanks!
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    Shimano Tranx 500hg and Phenix 909xh

    I’m looking for a Tranx 500hg in new or very good condition. I’m also looking for a Phenix 909xh with reel seat. Not interested in the deckhand model. I’m in San Diego and would prefer to meet locally.
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    Offshore 7-24 INSANE BFT off Carlsbad!

    One of the captains of those seiners is the son of my co-workers. Today he told me that his son has a 200 metric ton quota and should meet that early this week. He also said that they only get $1000 per ton. CRAZY!
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    When I'm not fishing I do a lot of metal detecting. This morning was a negative tide perfect for a little hunting. Hit the beach by 2:30 and dam near tripped over it at 4:30. I could tell that it was just lost so I checked BD to see if it belong to anyone here. Sure enough! It was only in the...
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    No need for the dive gear. I found your rod this morning. Shoot me a PM.