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    Saltwater Boat ho for tomorrow?

    If anybody is looking for an experienced tuna fisherman for tomorrow out of Westport give me a holler and I'll make the trip from bellingham today. Have gear if needed as well.
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    Saltwater End of season lead melt

    Lead melt??? There's tuna to be caught!!! What are you thinking???
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    Experienced Ho.

    Still looking for tomorrow. Halibut or tuna. Got 23 tuna today so I have a starting spot.
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    Experienced Ho.

    Needs a couple of mods/upgrades done/finished before she's going back out for tuna.
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    Party @ 126?

    Talk about a ho block.... :shake: :p
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    Party @ 126?

    a little birdie told me they are closer. Info for a ride.😆
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    Experienced Ho.

    Shameless boat ho offering up services for tuna tomorrow (fri) and/or tuna or hali on sunday. I've got gear and know how but no ride currently ready. @Nineball and @Mazu can vouch. Jonesing to catch a tuna this year. The stars have just not aligned.
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    Saltwater Westport , It’s not over

    That and when you net the rivers 75% across alternating from one side to the other only the little net runners get by... but hey we are "co-managing" them for the health of the runs...
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    Pole Spear

    What's left that you can spear? Cabezon?
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    F*** N wind

    unless "tide" forecast is wrong, tomorrow looks doable and sat looks great!
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    Saltwater Thinking of moving to Washington

    What do you think? Of course they are. They will never stop until they figure out how to get what they want unless by some miracle enough people wake up and vote these idiots out of office. Of course even if they get voted out they will probably miraculously keep finding more "lost" ballots...
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    Pursuit 2670 CC Cuddy

    Nice boat but eats 4' chop at 30mph??? I'd like to see that one.
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    Anyone want to do another Seafood buy?

    So I went back to your previous post to find a list of what was available. PDF won't open for me. Not sure if it's on my side or what but thought I would let you know. Could be work firewall or???
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    Saltwater 7n Crab bait

    If you believed for half a second it was because of soft shells, I've got some oceanfront property in Kansas I'd like to sell you. There was one reason and one reason only and we all know what that reason was. FYI... the commercial season is closed until October so.....
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    I/O to Outboard conversion input

    Where are you going to find one of the boats he mentioned for 20k? More like 40 plus and that's in not so good shape. So now you are well over 100k