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    Drakes Bay Oyster Farm getting hosed
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    Tsunami Debris Dana Point 7.21.12

    Joe, were you hitting the bottle before you wrote this one? LOL LOL
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    Almost bought 44' a few years ago. The only reason we didn't, was the boat lost an an engine on the sea trial. Solid Hull, Heavy boat. Nice lay out, and a large cockpit. I like the Up Kitchen lay out better then the down....but thats just personal preference. Because they are so well built...
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    Sorry Mike. Could it have been a snake bite? Edit..never mind..just read your last post. Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our...
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    Sexy Australian Hurdler

    I'm sure even the hottest women look a little rough after a hard work out.
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    My finished buffalo mount

    it looks alive . Very nice
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    Pig Hunting 03-07-2012 Inland Empire

    I have been considering taking my son to BHCR. It looks like a good way to spend some time with my son, and learn a few things about hunting pigs. Although we both have our hunting licenses, I have never pig hunted on open public land or private land. BHCR charges $50 to hunt the land, and if...
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    Commercial squid boats

    there are good points made by many...but the one that really hurts us... kindafishy nailed it...the average Joe only see's mass fish/animal life being killed (especially those in Laguna Beach lol). They don't care what it is, or the facts of how sustainable the biomass is...all they have are...
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    Domes 11/9/2011 Good time, just macks.

    Glad to someone is knocking the barnacles off the bottom. Cheers Johnny.
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    Commercial squid boats

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    When naming a boat....

    LOL but only ifs its a documented. ??
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    dove and pheasants with my son

    :beerbang::appl:"ages 11-78 involved 3 generations of family...."
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    Happy "F"ing Birthday Frank! (ConSeaMate)

    Cheers Frank.