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    Black Torque 25n star drag

    Why doesn’t Penn keep making these reels?
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    Need a reel recommendation for a 12' Ugly Stik

    Wow, 80lb mono line on that reel is not gonna give you much length to work with. I hope it’s 80lb braided line. What are you targeting?
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    Where are you located?
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    Offshore 226 YFT limits and kelp paddy YT 8-22-19

    bummer about the broken rod tip. But at least you got the fish in. Thanks for the timely report.
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    Where to make bait if you launch from MB? you just chum with wet cat food?
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    Where to make bait if you launch from MB?

    Looking to make some Macs this weekend when I launch from Mission Bay. (I heard the Dines are small at the receiver) Anyone know where near by that has a consistent Mac bite? Thanks in advance!
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    Calstar 100J Mag Avet JX MC cast

    I guess you should have omitted the fact that the rod was a gift from your wife. :appl:
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    1993 Boston Whaler Outrage 19II

    This boat need to be in San Diego to kill some Tuna! GLWS
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    Offshore Outer Limits Huge Bluefin Epic Drone Footage

    That was great footage. The guy on the rod did a great job fighting that fish.
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    Diawa Saltist LW40A $100 Price Drop

    I have a Saltist LW40A that has been recently serviced and had new Carbontex drags installed. Reel has 100lb PP backing with 100yds of 40lb Mono. Asking $100 OBO with shipping on your dime. PM me for more pics or questions [/URL][/IMG]