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    Holy crap

    Holy crap
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    Boycott Laguna Beach, I support areas I can fish!
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    MLPA - Huge Success

    Zero success zero public involvement zero public vote this was shoved down our throat’s there’s no documentation the science is flawed the whole program Is a fraud
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    MLPA - Huge Success

    Recall Newsom, demand a forensic recount
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    MLPA - Huge Success

    This was a state funded power grab by the radical liberal left, Nothing more this is how it starts they take a huge chunk of outdoor resource and then give back just a little bit and then the next time they take another huge chunk and then give back just a little bit, Then they keep saying, see...
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    Covid IS serious.

    Original estimates were 2 million deaths if we didn’t shut the country down Biden called Trump a racist and a xenophobe for shutting down Travel from China and the country, If Biden gets elected you may die of starvation
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    So...he has it.

    I hear he’s already feeling better!! It’s going to be huge
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    So...he has it.

    OK that’s funny
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    Time to sell California to Mexico

    Mexico has done much better With Baja than the California governor has done with California.
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    Late LJ 9/10 YT Spear report

    Windansea beach?
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    Local Long Beach

    Nice fish