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    Southern California Wtb Talica 20 ii

    Looking for a clean talica 20 ii
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    Wtb Talica 20 ii

    bigfishpapa submitted a new listing: Wtb Talica 20 ii - Wtb Talica 20 ii Learn more about this listing...
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    Huge VERMILLION Catch and Cook Video

    Thanks for sharing!!!:cheers:
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    Calstar GG6480 or Calstar 800H

    Longfin tackle has a new one for sale. Calstar 6480 GG
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    Newell tension washer

    I’m looking for three Newell 3-14 tension washer...Give me a shout if you have some, :smash:Thanks
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    Thanks BDs

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    Trinidad 16a....

    Looking for a Trinidad 16a. :cheers:
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    Old classic

    Have these two old rods. Don’t know anything about them. but up for sale. dark brown 8’2” Light one 8’6” $35 each